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Letter From Lindsay Lang today.

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Old Crow

Well-known member
Dec 6, 2001
I received a call from Lindsay Lang last August to expect an interview within 3 to 6 months. Of course that didn't happen. I've been in touch with her since and she said don't send an update... we don't need one now.

I received a letter today saying thanks for my interest in SouthWest, but... Hiring is to slow down now and therefore, "we'll be in touch when it picks up in a few months." Sincerely Lindsay.

What's up with that?

Anyone else get this letter?
The letter is a generic form letter letting everyone with apps on file know that interviews have been put on hold.

Several friends with current apps received the letter today also.
I got my letter today as well.

Looks like I will have plenty of time to get that 73 type.

Heather in the Peple Department told me about a month ago they hoped to interview again in AUG.

Nothing firm.

So always keep your stuff ready and fresh! (LOR's)

Good Luck
Same letter...

I had just sent in an updated resume and a color copy of my 737 type rating as it finally had arrived. Within a week I got a similar letter from Lindsay Lang. I followed up with a phone call on Monday. Low and behold she called me back this morning. She explained that my application package had met the first hurdle and I had the proper credentials and experience etc. In her opinion there will be no movement in the pool till end of summer. For all the folks in the pool congrats I can only hope to join you all and eventually work with you...


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