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Kidney Stones

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Well-known member
Dec 13, 2001
A friend of mine was just diagnosed with his second case of kidney stones. First case was about six years ago. Has anyone had a second case of stones lately? If so, how long before you were able to get your medical back? I heard it can take a long time.
He should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Most cases of kidney stones are due to dehydration. I hope he is ok.

The restriction is on not flying if you have a stone, I don't know that it matters if there is more than one in a row. Maybe it does, but the chances are that if you get one, you'll get two (or more).
Call ALPA medical. They'll take care of everything. No sweat.
I had a second occurrence last year. Once I passed it, it was a matter of a scan (Proof of No Stone), letter from urologist, and going to your regular FAA doc. It's not a 6 (after the stone passed) month ordeal like it was. July 08 FAA changed policy allowing locals to grant medicals if stone has passed. Before the change it was 4 to 6 months AFTER the stone passed.
I second what GRAAB said with a slight caveat that they must pass naturally or I believe can even be broken up with sound then passed, but If they require surgery to remove then he will be out for awhile.
I'll third what GRAAB HIRBOUBI said.

I had my first stone in 82. I get one or two every couple of years. No big deal. Drink LOTS of water!

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