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Jumpseating on NWA

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and two off-line j/s in the back
To occupy the cockpit jumpseat you would need to be in CASS however to simply ride int he back all you need is the usual stuff and an open seat....I just rode them last week and they always treat me well as an offline guy.
Twotter76 is correct !

CASS guys / gals can sit in the cockpit.

Other off-line guys / gals need a seat in the back.

All are welcome; (your company must be on the approved list, however).

The folks at NWA have been fantastic ! Thanks for taking me home to the Northwoods of WI. I sincerly appreciate the ride home.

Cass would be nice... I understand ATA extended the trial program into August now..?

The agents in ATL have been more than helpful and accomodating. Real pros. And I never want to forget the respectful howdy to the Lead FA. Some of them ol gray hair babes are pretty darn nice .. !!

Much nicer than some our 20 something babes...... LOL....
NW has always treated me well...thanks for first class to Paris back in January on the A330 and I'm just a lowly 1900 driver
2 offline in the back and if they are the last 2 seats a cass guy can sit xcm.
Like most airlines out there the NWA pilot group have been great with their jumpseats. CASS was down for a couple of hours last month and the gate agent was not going to get me on (she was working by herself on a very busy day). A non-rev NWA pilot (I assume he was a non-rev) saw what was happening, on his way down told the Captain what was going on upstairs. He came up and politely asked the gate agent if she had a spare second to hand him a jumpseat slip so he could sign it there for her. 5 minutes later I was in a first class seat back to DTW. Great guys. Thank you.

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