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Professional Surf Bum
Jul 29, 2005
Anyone know of any hiring in the OK region. I need a job (or one time trip) to pay some bills while I finish up (wait for checkride date) my CFI. Comm ASEL/AMEL IA....I also have my high perf. & high alt. endorsements. It is worth a shot right???
Practice saying "Would you like to Biggie Size that?"

Seriously though...I feel your pain! 100%!

Not really gettin the bills paid and actually had to accept a job outside of aviation until I can get some more time and/or land good job in aviation.

Definitely worth a shot, but try climbto350.com. Lots of jobs posted on there every day. I've had a few hits, but it just wasn't what I was looking for. Maybe you'll find the right place.

See your Army/Air Force/Coast Guard/Marine/Navy recruiter. Plenty of 'em in OK.

OO-RAH or HOO-AH, depending on what does it for you.
Well the Air Force is waiting for me to graduate.....god i cant wait for that day. I think I may hit up climbto350 maybe some pipeline patrol....oklahoma has plenty of oil. Cushing is 15 minutes away, I would love to fly skydivers.....thanks for the suggestions.
Wow you know it is bad when $14.95 for a month membership scares you away from a job site.....would you like to biggie size that?

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