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JetBlue Training

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Well-known member
Feb 28, 2002
Hey guys and girls going to JetBlue training in the coming weeks and months:

- It's been great so far. They really treat you well and make you feel like you are a real asset to the team. The mood is very upbeat. It's amazing to come to training and have David Neeleman and Dave Barger come in to meet and greet us all. They did a Q&A and gave some great presentations.

- If you are thinking about driving to training, I would highly suggest it. everyone that I've come into contact with so far has said they wished they had a car. There is plenty around the hotels to eat, but a change is nice. It comes in handy for groceries, eating out, going out on the weekends, etc.... The shuttle to JetBlue University is small and may not leave exactly when you want to. Do you absolutely need one....... NO ....... is it really nice to have one........ YES.

- Lunch is provided to you the first couple of days and will then run you $3.75 per day after that at the cafeteria. Food is pretty darn good and reasonably cheap. Around the hotels that JetBlue uses for lodging are several very good eating establishments: Chilis, Bennigans, Fridays, Hooters, Tony Roma's, Dennys, etc.... Bennigans offers very good discounts for us to dine and drink there so it seems to be a popular spot. Bennigans is where the JetBlue mixer (party) that will take place on your second night here. There are several grocery stores close by if you have a car and every room has a fridge and microwave. Breakfast is provided in the a.m.

Overall, I'm very impressed so far. Our class is a very diverse group. Some furloughed, military, commuter, corporate. Everyone is very easy to get along with.

Hope this helps.:)
J32driver said:
Made to order omeletts? :D

Yes, served by a sweet, pretty blonde who just loves the jetscream!

His name is Benjamin!
k9nole said:
Indoc at JetBlue in NY or Orlando?
If in Orlando is there any part of training in NY?

All training is in MCO. After your checkride and LOFT, usually sometime Friday through Sunday, you'll have a few days off and are then scheduled one day of orientation in New York that following Friday. After that, one day of jumpseat observation and then IOE.


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