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January SWA interviews

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Jan 13, 2002
Has anyone who interviewed with SWA in the latter part of January know if any of their contacts have been called? I understand that this would indicate that you had passed the interview.
Interviewed in January. Two of my contacts used for the letters of recommendations just called to inform me that a SWA pilot had followed up on the letters.

The SWA pilot talked for 20 minutes with my contact...5-6 minutes about SWA and United and the rest of the time was spent on "some pointed questions" according to my source.

I had not heard the statement " if the people in your letters of recommendation are contacted", it means you are hired...just thought it was one more piece of info for the review board to look at.
i interviewed jan 8 and none of my contacts or letters of rec have been called yet. guys i know who interviewed after me have had their people called. im seriously worried.
Decision Board?

Has anyone heard if the decision board is still sked for 20 Feb? Dumbo had told us 20 Feb, but said that it might change.

Try Again


Hey don't worry about your references not getting called. When I interviewed last June they never called my letters of recommendation people at all. The only person they called was my supervisor and that was only a week before my scheduled board, later moved to the next one cause they weren't able to get through all of us. At anyrate, I don't think they call everyones references so don't look at it as a bad sign. Just fear your mailbox for a while and remember with SWA no news is good news. One of two things will happen, either they will call them eventually being that they are extremely busy and have alot of people to check on, or the other being, they had no question during the interview you were a nice guy and really don't require much checking...Just my thoughts.
Class Date

Captain_Crunch et al,

If you interviewed in January, what are they saying about possible class dates?

It's a Long Wait


What an incredibly long process! I feel your pain.

There's no way to stop thinking about it. One day I'm up, the next I'm down.

I hang on every little tidbit of info. I wish there was a way to get it off my mind.

My problem is that I'm furloughed and have all day long to think about the process.

Good Luck. Hopefully we'll all get to meet in DAL soon.

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