January SWA interviews


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Nov 25, 2001
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I interviewed Jan 8th. One of my three current contacts was called. (6 of 12 in my interview group had contacts called).

None of my LOR writers have been called. Not sure if having only one contact called is good, bad or doesn't matter.

I don't think anyone will know anything until after DB. Dumbo said that in the past some people who didn't do so well in interview did well at DB and were hired.

I am just praying I soloed under a lucky star!! Hopefully, we all did.

I wish everyone on this board the best of luck in 11 days or whenever your DB is. Six weeks is a long time to wait but well worth it for the "Job of a Lifetime"


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Dec 10, 2001
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I interviewed on Jan 10th....references called within the week....called for drug test Jan 29th.....now waiting for SWA DB to meet on Feb 20. Jan said the letters would go out 2 - 3 weeks after decision board meets. I'm expecting to hear something around March 8th or 9th.

I know the wait is tough....sure would be nice to hear something now. Out of the 23 other pilots that interviewed the same day, half responded via email indicating their background checks had been completed. Out of those less than 4 responded about the drug test, but it's still early. During the tour, Dumbo said the drug test no longer indicate that we're "in" as they used to say, so I'm still crossing my fingers.

We had a good group of people for our interview....I wish the best of luck to all of us!

See you in DAL