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JALways (IASCO) vs. Evergreen / Opinions?

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Jul 27, 2002
Hi, I may be lucky enough (I'll know in a few days) to get a job offer from both Evergreen and IASCO (for a JALways 747 contract). I am looking for any opinions on what the better deal may be. On the surface, IASCO pays MUCH better, however I don't live in HNL and am not going to move there. I am married with two kids and on the flip side the Evergreen schedule is a lot better. Also, Evergreen appears to be going through an expansion, so upgrades may come quicker. On top of that it is 7 weeks of training (Evergreen) vs. 5 months. I have heard that the JALways contract crews sometimes harbor resentment between the companies that are paying them, as the contract differ widely.

Again, I am looking for any opinions from all of you who know more about this than I. Thanks in advance and keep safe.
Hey "Stewage" LOL!

Like I said on the phone, go for Evergreen~! Nice to see you are plugged into the internet for info.

So you have passed the medical for JAL and been to Tokyo to finish it?
That's correct, I am to go to Tokyo for a "recheck" of certain items.

Also, I've received a lot of feedback offline / PM's etc. so I'd like to thank everyone for that.

You apply through IASCO or Hawaii Air Service. Starting at Jalways is $7000 per month with per diem. After flying out the 3 year contract you WILL get a renewal. The renewal signing bonus is $10,000 US. Just had a captain on my flight, he said it will take 7 to 10 years to upgrade, at Evergreen now its at 6 years. But then all legacy airlines are that long. The wait is well worth it. He has been with Jalways for 13 years and makes $17,000 per month. Show me a legacy that pays that...Excluding the UPS's and Fedex's. What does Evergreen pay? $127 per hr in the 747 after 13 years as a capt. based on a guarantee of 65 hrs, that's roughly $8255 excluding per diem. You almost make that your first year at Jalways... Evergreen has no A or B plan and no profit sharing, nor does Jalways. Commuting to HNL is very easy. Of course, you live much closer to Evergreen, so I imagine it's really a no brainer for you. Both companies are a good job in today's times. Good Luck

PS Please, no Evergreen guys bashing me. I'm just pointing out known facts. You may like or think Evergreen is a superior airline, could very well be. Let us never forget, we all think the airline we work for is the best. Well, almost most:)
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I don't think you can j/s on any US carriers with the JAL id. I may be wrong, but its what I've heard and I'd like to hear about it from any one with experience.

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