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J32/J41 Florida Startup

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
In November on Climbto350.com there was a posting for a startup charter operation in FL that was going to allegedly utilize J32 and J41 Aircraft and they were going to interview in November and December for a January startup. Did anyone ever hear anything from them? Or hear anything about anyone in FL ever following through on this idea?

Merry New Year

Saw the same ad in climbto fl350.com Sent my resume in online from their site. Haven't heard nor seen anything in FL yet.

Don't hold your breath.

That operation in FL has been trying to get going for over a year. They apparently bought the 121 certificate that Sunrise Airlines Inc (Page, AZ) had available when they went bankrupt. I hear that some of the managment is the same, with a new owner. Take their job only if you have no other, then leave as soon as a good instructing job comes along. You will be much happier.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then that's probably the group down in Naples that claimed they were going to replace American Eagle as Naples main carrier. They seem to make a great deal of promises but haven't gotten off the ground literally.

orl (exec)

when i was flying out of orlando exec-these guys seemed to be buying up j31-j41. i think they are going to use the name discover(y) air? also has some ties to ata training academy.
i have heard some different things-but have not been down there since nov. fly safe to all.
They according to their website have a J32 and an EMB-120 Brasillia perhaps they couldn't get their hands on a J41 and went with the EMB-120 instead.
There was an article in the Daytona Beach local paper about this company about a year ago. There were going to have scheduled service from DAB to miami....nothing yet....
Florida J31s and 41s

In response to the questions about the Florida airline operating J31s and 41s, this is Discover Air. It is owned by the Williams family that owns Airline Training Academy. They have been talking about code shares with various airlines including Delta and Jet Blue. Obviously nothing has materialized yet. They currently operate out of Orlando Executive and have 4 J31s and 2 Brazilias. They also have a maintenence hanger in Fort Lauderdale and may have a couple of metroliners down there. They have met with Governor Bush and he would like to see them become Florida's intrastate airline. I think they are hiring captains right now but I would strongly suggest this as a last resort. The aircraft are always sitting on the ramp and very rarely move. Bottom line.....not much time or pay. Good luck to those of you with hours and experience.

I also sent my resume in and heard absolutely nothing...though I am not surprised..

At least I know it may have not been a scam.. Starting to wonder..send so many resumes and nobody calls.

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