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I've never seen this at ASA

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Before we go nanner-nanner-boo-boo at Mesa, I hope we take a moment to realize most of our performance increases are the result of Delta finally making facility improvements on C and now D. I'm sure the bean counters noted a huge difference in the ops at C and thought it might be nice to do the same to D.

And our maintenance has done an absolutely fantastic job this summer. Just on APUs and PACKS, the difference this year was huge. I only had to refuse one aircraft this entire summer and there was no argument.

We do our part, but so much of this is simply a matter of proper infrastructure and support. Lord knows, we could dooky the whole thing up, if we wanted to!!!
Facilities and operational improvements have played a small part, but if you block everything at twice the flight time, it's not hard to be ontime.

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