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Is the 'worm turning'? Could SWA finally be going international (Canada)?

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Quiet Flight

I love your mom.
Mar 14, 2006

Our Response to WestJet Comments

Blog By: Bob Jordan on Apr 01, 2010 at 3:11pm
As you all have seen in recent media reports, we learned that WestJet apparently intends to enter into a codeshare agreement with Delta Air Lines. At about the same time, we also learned of a deal by which Delta would transfer slots at LaGuardia Airport in New York to WestJet. A codeshare between WestJet and Delta, as indicated in media reports, could be inconsistent with the agreement presently in place between us and WestJet.

The Southwest/WestJet project was on target in accordance with a mutually agreed upon timetable. However, WestJet in recent weeks requested material and significant changes to our agreement that we could not accept. We are, and always have been, prepared to move forward to implement our agreement with WestJet. We have not yet been notified of WestJet’s intent to terminate that agreement. If we are so notified in order for WestJet to consummate its deal with Delta, we remain very interested in offering our loyal Customers service to Canada via the most efficient means possible.
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Well when you merge with AAI you will have aircraft with a two class configuration already set up to start flying internationally.
They just mean we're still committed to finding a new Codeshare partner like Porter, CanJet, Sun Wing, or Air Transat!
It'd be fine with me if we go hand WestJet their ass while Delta outsources MORE flying.

It'd be fine with me if we go hand WestJet their ass while Delta outsources MORE flying.


:rolleyes: I really don't see where Southwest would be able to begin "handing WestJet their ass".

Start a few routes to Canada, maybe...but hardly an ass whoopin.
Don't care as long as we keep making money....

Luckily that's the attitude the guys running your company seem to have.
None of this John Wayne " watch us destroy you" crap.

I don't see any wild expansion or overnight attacks on the MKE/DEN market that some were spouting off about when the F9 thing didn't work out, everything's seemed pretty steady with everyone holding their own (for now) from what I can tell....if it's going to be a blood bath, it looks like it's going to be a slow one.

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