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Instrument Checkride this Wed.. dont feel prepared..

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Well-known member
May 16, 2005
I have my checkride coming up this wednesday. Now that I am reviewing more than ever.. I just dont feel pepared enough for the oral. My flying I am not worrying about beacaue that is fine. DOes anyone have pointers on what to do or the last minute things to study? THe main topics in the oral?
Thanks in advance!
i am using that... If i know that by heart will I be good? or does the DE get questions from somewhere else too?
Know 91.167, .171, .173, .175, .183, .185 by heart. Know when you're required to have an instrument rating. Know your charts (what ever kind you use NOS/Jepps) cold...Pitot/static and Vacuum systems and their errors...magnetic compass errors/how to use it. Service volumes of VORs. What is: MEA, MRA, MAA, MOCA, OROCA, etc. Where do Victor airways start/end? Jet Routes? O2 requirements and illusions. Weather: Be able to read the charts, winds aloft, METAR, TAF, etc. What causes ice to form? How can you avoid that? What do you do if you end up in icing conditions?

My instrument oral wasn't all that bad...I had to plan a cross country flight in front of the examiner (he called me 10 minutes before and asked me "do you want to do your checkride now?" so ... no time to prep). Then he asked me about weather...why I chose the routes, altitudes, airways, etc. Asked me about ICE...a lot (it was November). Talked about pitot/static, vacuum, VOR services, NDBs and how they worked, RMI, HSI, OBS, asked me if I wanted to go fly since it was relatively low IFR...said yes...an ILS, a Back Course, a hold and a LOC later and I was done.

Good luck! Hope this helps. If you weren't ready your CFI wouldn't sign you off...just do what you do with him/her with you.

Will the examiner care if I plan using Duats? It pretty much does it all for you... but i would still have to explain why I chose those routes.
My instrument oral was so bad, I figured he was going to fail me before we even got in the airplane.

Funny story about the results.....

We took off at sunset....right into the sun, but by the time we got to an airport with proceedures, it was pitch black and I couldn't get my panel and instrument lights bright enough for me to see them well enough.

So...I pulled out and handed him my flashlight out of my bag and asked him to point it around the cockpit wherever I needed it....and to leave my instruments alone (damned DE's)...lol.

The whole time he's trying to distract me with conversation and questions about my avionics, he's also commenting about what a beautiful night it was with the full moon reflecting off the bright white snow....

WTH???????? It's pitch black....we're in real IMC!

Anyway....I nailed my checkride. My flying was flawless.

As we got back to home base, I did one steep turn for him and one recovery from unusual attitude and I was told I was done and to pull the hood off.....along with my sunglasses that I still had on.

A few years later, luck had it that he was my DE for my multi. The oral part lasted maybe 10 minutes and the flying portion 45 tops.

I guess the moral of my story is: brush up on the oral, but make damn sure if you're weak on it, you're strong on flying to compensate.

Oh...and if you're in trouble and behind the ball in your flight...don't be afraid to use him/her as center and ask for help.

Good luck
When the DE asks for the required instruments and equipment to fly IFR.. can you just say that you need the stuff for vfr day/night plus.. or do you have to list the vfr stuff out?
What does the Tomato A Flames thing go?
I havent studied that vfr stuff in a long time
QuasarZ said:
i am using that... If i know that by heart will I be good? or does the DE get questions from somewhere else too?

The ASA Oral Exam Guides are good, they are not published by the FAA nor on behalf of the FAA, so I use them as very good supplements.

I use the PTS as the primary source of information for the Oral. For the Instrument Checkride, review "I. Area of Operation: Preflight Preparation" and "II. Area of Operation: Preflight Procedures", and all Tasks included therein.

Have your instructor, another instrument student, or another student with added knowledge quiz you directly from the PTS in those areas. Use the ASA Oral guide to supplement your knowledge in those areas, yet use the PTS as the primary source of topics to be included on your oral.

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