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I'm Here Doing It...at Avantair


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Dec 1, 2003
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Change in general makes some people unhappy. The current changes stem from posturing maneuvers that will help us endure this recession a little better. Possibly even to prepare for the dreaded "double dip" recession, should one occur. Generally speaking, the economy seems to be improving. Hopefully the recovery is firmly underway. Let's also hope those tax cuts get at least a temporary extension.

Increased "airport appreciation": Accurate. Not the norm, but we do find ourselves on standby to cover maintainence problems elsewhere in the system more than we used to. Makes good business sense to me.

Super 8 hotels: Not accurate, at least on a regular/repeated basis. Every once in a while we overnight in East Bunglef-ck, where the nearest Hilton or Holiday Inn property is 45 minutes away. Maybe, on that night, Super 8 was the only reasonable lodging available.

Things are going downhill fast: Not accurate. Again, change (along with the uncertainty about what will result from change) makes some people uneasy/unhappy. Some grumbling is reasonable, and should be expected.

Hope this addresses your points.

Excellent! Hook, line, and sinker. That was easy!

Now, if you would just give up your vacation I'm sure we could buy another big shiny airplane! Think of all the job security!

Raj: From the non-Kool-aid-drinker view. Yes mgmt is forcing day 8. For me, it is just another circumstance when policies become inconvenient, they are thrown out. Just last tour they wouldn't let me go home citing that there was no one to replace me. Once they found I was on overtime, they sent me out on the first flight. The plane was still un-crewed last I heard. Sorry I don't like forced 9/5, my family comes first and I was promised 7/7.

From what I have seen hotels are going downhill. Last tour a majority of them were backing up LARGE freeways. More Comfort Inns and old Holiday inns.

Ops. check good. Hmmm... last I checked and intermittent failure was considered a hard failure. (kool-aiders: look it up in the MX section)

The point is they want to run a low cost carrier. Lots of promises, big words, and money is first. That is the kind of clientele they want. They can have it, I don't want to be a part of it.
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