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I'm a New Hire, II

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Nov 25, 2001
With 97 posts and over 3500 views on the first thread, I decided to start a new one.

I was in the Lear 55c this week, and it was quite a different machine than the 35. Not as powerful, but more headroom for the pax, an enclosed potty, single point fueling, winglets, auto spoilers, and an EFIS cockpit with FMS. Better seats for the pilots, more legroom, and it's much quieter up front: less wind noise. You can actually converse with the other pilot at FL 410.

Many of you have become accustomed to living out of a rolling case. It is becoming apparent that I can't make do with my old Sporty's flight bag, so I'll need a rolling case, too.

I'd like to hear any recommendations about brand, type, model, etc for these cases. What makes one better than another? Who has the best prices? Any tips on packing, or items to bring?

Last week I bought some pilot shirts from the "stop over store", and they were a good quality shirt that ironed easily. About $80 for the four of them.

Also, I want to hear more experiences about your early jet days, particularly for Lears. I'd like to learn from your experiences.
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Go back to the stop over store and buy a roller bag there, they have good prices. Most people in the airlines buy PNT roller bags, I have one, it's nothing special, but it hasn't broken yet. Other people buy $50 ones from department stores, and they last them for years and years. It's a personal decision. They'll even embroider something into the handle for you, most people do their last name or initials. For you I recommend "Lear Pilot."
Anybody have a phone number at the Stop Over, I gotta jumpseat out there soon to pick up a new uniform. They're still in Minny Right?
I have a Samsonite hard-sided roller I got for $150 about 4 years ago, and it's still going strong. I'd recommend it.
From the stopoverstore website:


Call us: 1-800-627-1372 (MSP Airport)

Other Store numbers and locations

DTW Airport: 1-800-627-1373. Smith Terminal, 2nd floor

IAH Airport: 1-800 307-5263
I couldn't even begin to enumerate the ways I have already been guided, but thanks for the remark. It's a telling one.
SaabTrash just loves your updates TB ... where's Captain Z? :D

Does a Lear 135 checkout make you OK for the 20, 30, and 50 series (same as the types, I think)?

Enjoying the updates ...

Travel Pro at Boca on Banyan Trail Road right next to the Boca Airport. You can get great used remanufactured stuff for less than $40.00 with the guarentee. Eph. 2:11

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