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If you weren't a pilot, what would you do?

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Well-known member
Oct 19, 2003
Those of you that are pilots, what would be your career of choice if you weren't able to be a pilot?

If I could do it all over again (and I'm still not a 'real' pilot) I'd get a degree in civil engineering and make enough money to own a nice 182 and fly it on the weekends.
I would sell insurance to people who fly airplanes, that's where the moneys at.
Everyday I ponder that question.

I did the Navy thing, then merchant marine, commercial diving, engineering consulting stuff, then I tired of them.

I guess if I could find some kind of field that interested me I'd want to own my own small business. But from having self-employed parents I know just how hard you have to work, so I'd have to be really into it. Haven't figured that out yet.

Other careers of interest: hotel management, firefighter, marine biology, develp wind/solar/etc power technology, forester.

Maybe the question is: what will I do when I'm furloughed?
I ran a little 5mm consulting firm and couldn't stand watching the air traffic for HPN's pattern outside my office so I quit and got back to flying freight...

I'd probably be a train engineer :)
I think I would have ended up an engineer.

Scratch that. Make it an "imcompetent engineer." haha

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