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I resent certain interview questions

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Well-known member
Mar 18, 2007
I so RESENT being asked if I have interviewed with any other airlines particularly
in this type of environment where the market is floaded with qualified pilots. So you are asking me to LIE!!!
Maybe they're just testing you to see what kind of answer you give them. I see nothing wrong with telling an interviewer that, while I really, really want to work here, I have to do what I can to earn a paycheck.
actually that is a GREAT response to that question; I would hire u accept I feel they are looking for cookie cutter responses particularly in cases where u might be the 100th and they are only taking ten! such bs
We ask a similar question, such as "You are working here and SWA offers you a job, what will you do?" Well anyone who says they will stay at USA Jet when offered a job at SWA is either real dummy or not telling the truth. We might still hire the person if everything else looks good
The same type of question is asked at Alaska Airlines. They asked if I had applied anywhere else. I have a 737 type rating and I used to live near a Southwest domicile. The interviewers would have seen right through any answer besides the truth. At the time, I had my application in with just about every reputable major. I listed them all off, and they still offered me the job.
Tell them you despise their line of questioning and yell "next question!"
Why would anyone NOT just tell them that, yes, you've applied at other places? I don't understand why someone thinks that's a bad answer to the question?

It's not the same as telling your girlfriend that you're seeing other people.

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