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How's those UNIONS working out for ya????

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^^^^^^^ troll alert ^^^^^^

Just sayin'... :rolleyes:
Maybe you should ask the 70 guys that were fired in May 2008 and got their jobs back with full back pay.
LOVE my Union. Thanks for asking.
Fantastic for me -- 12 years in this industry and no complaints so far. Thanks for askin'!! :beer:
Really enjoying mine; thanks for your concern. :laugh:

The difference between this job and my previous non-union one is like night and day.
I'll let you know in about 266 days.....
Been great for me. Continued health benefits, continued legal plan, five figures worth of furlough pay, help finding a new job, paid resume service, paid job board subscriptions, possible financial help should I need it, a great effort in keeping furloughs from happening well over a year ago.

Can't exclude the company either. They gave me my training records and a subscription to JeppView. Wouldn't give me a letter of recommendation, but then again they wouldn't do that for any other pilot either.

If you ask me, they've done a good job when you look at the big picture.

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