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How is this Fair!!!!!!

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Active member
May 1, 2002
I need some input on this:
I'm a furloughed United pilot who came up through the civilian ranks. I have just received notice that UAL will be extending pass travel for Military furloughees only. How is this fair? Why should I have to pick up my life and family and move because of a job and they don't have to. A little help here because I can't believe this is happening. I guess no one cares about a civilians lifestyle.
I can't see the reason why UAL would not extend that offer to all of its pilots on the street. Maybe they think that all of the military guys would actually be activated and therefore would not be flying around the system. And they might think that the civies would be using those bennies insearch of another job. Who knows! At AA I believe that all of our furloughees were allowed to continue using the nonrev bennies.
Rumor? or Fact?


I'm a mil guy furloughed from UAL and I haven't heard anything about the said issue. In fact I spoke with an ALPA rep the other day who explained my benefits hadn't changed from what I had heard. Not saying it isn't true or anything but where'd you get your info? I find it hard to believe the company would separate the furloughees into two groups. I think the persons on mil leave may get the pass benefits, but those that are furloughed get benefits IAW the contract.

Knight Rider is right (just joking)

I believe it's going to start sometime mid-June for active military and reservists for travel to/from domicile and their assigned military station; and they're not regular "write-your-own passes". They either get issued upon request from either your flight office or a station (not sure). I was told the reason United is not extending their pass benefits beyond the 180 days is because after that amount of time, the company would have to begin collecting taxes on all travel and they don't want to get involved in doing that right now (go figure). Why don't they put DENEV (employment) in charge of handling the tax info? They can't be that busy right now. What about jumpseat IDs for furloughed pilots? (I'm sure that travel isn't taxable) Somebody should really try to push that one on management.
Does this mean guys can get passes to go to their new jobs even if they are not guard jobs?
I don't think so!!!!!!!!
It's all BS really. I mean, if Delta or AA has extended travel benefits or cabin jumpseat or whatever it is then UAL can make it work too. Let's face it, the furloughee support from the company has been a bit thin. ALPA really needs to push harder for some of this stuff; we could be out for quite some time to come.
Thank you for your statement. That exactly what I'm trying to say. Why do I have to move for a job and military folks don't have to. I would love to be able to travel from my home of record to my new pilot base instead of moving. What gives? I'm not looking for pleasure travel folks, I'm looking to get to and from work without picking up my whole life again. I don't have anything against military folks but this is completely unfair! I yes, I am crying about it.

Rewind the tape six months. Remember the campaign that eliminated the Taliban from power? That was the military...augmented in part by some reservists and guardsmen.

Remember all those CAPs over the country that helped settle down a VERY jittery nation? Operation Noble Eagle included a tremendous amount of the part-time military.

Have you read about some of the ongoing operations in far corners of the world--SEALs and special ops, 10th Mt. Division, etc....going in hell holes to dig out suspected terrorist cells and sympathizers? Guess you is supporting those operations...both directly and indirectly? You know the answer.

Dude...this is SO much bigger than the standard military verses civilian BS on the boards. The survival of our industry, and our entire nation, depend on a strong and capable national defense. You carrier is simply recogizing that some guys are making a noble sacrifice right now, and trying to make it easier on them.

Could UAL give passes to all pilots? I wish they would...it makes sense to me. However...the crybaby act doesn't play very sympathetic with all that is going on in the world right now. You may be furloughed...you may even be broke...but you are home in the greatest nation on Earth. Some of you UAL bros that are now out of work are going helter-skelter and yon supporting world wide taskings, and they are spending months away from family. Put your team player T-shirt on and grab a shovel...we are all in this together.


No-one is questioning the effort being put forth, and the sacrifices being made by the many men and women in uniform. Not every pilot commuting to their Guard unit is directly invoved in the conflict. All of us have had to make sacrifices in different ways and I don't think the union or the company should differentiate between one pilot and another. We are one pilot group, lets stick together and try to make life a little easier for all furloughees.

UAL management has managed to pit one employee group against another for long enough. We should not allow them to divide the pilots the same way.

Personally, I don't need pass benefits, but I do think we should all be treated the same.

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