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How "gear down and locked" can ruin your day...

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maybe that should be on the "David Letterman Show" segment, "will it float?"
Dude, when he is sitting on the float paddling it in I laughed so hard. Why is it that other people's misfortune is so funny?

Will it float? Not for long!
Geronimo4497 said:
So much for 'Where am I landing, and where are my wheels'
This is kind of a stupid question, but..... having the wheels sticking down from the floats is what caused him to somersault? That would make sense, but I wanna be sure. Seaplane people?MFR
blingair said:
Do floats come with gear indicators? Anyone? Buehler, Buehler

We have a system on our Twin Otter that says "wheels up, for water landing" or "wheels down for runway landing". Not fool proof but certainly helps. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to say, gear down when I first started to fly on the water. Some habits are very hard to break. Ughly! And yes, we do have gear light indicators.
Yes they can and will flip when water landing with the gear down. My grandfather is living proof of that as he did it some 15 years ago in a 180H

He wasn't hurt and the plane only sustained minor damage. He did have visual indicators out on the floats but they were hard to see. Soon after they were painted BRIGHT red!!

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