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Housing Question for Comair Pilots

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treetop flyer

Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
For those of you living in the Cincinnati area...

Do most people live in OH, KY or IN? Is there any kind of tax advantage for any of the three? Any traffic considerations that make one better than the other two? Any info. would be appreciated!

Living in CVG

Just about everyone I know lives in N. Kentucky. There is no traffic hassles like guy's who live N of the river. Housing is pretty cheap and I would say that there are plenty of crashpad's and apartments to choose from. I hope that helps.
Move to Cin area

Since, the subject of moving to N kY came up, is it better to move up there and get settle prior to starting class if one has time?
Haven't posted anything for awhile but figured I'd weigh in on this one. Just got my letter from Comair saying welcome aboard and I am also planning on moving ASAP.

We are heavily considering the N KY area and would like any input from those who live there or in the region. Again, any tax benefits to KY over OH or IN? Any idea on cost of living? I have heard Union is a good area, any comments?

Thanks for your input.
Comair pilots...good apartments?

I'm starting with Comair soon. Since I'll be spending most of my first year sitting on my tail in CVG, I'm planning on getting an apartment (would like to have one or two roommates). Anyway, I was hoping some of you Comair guys already up there could recommend some of the names of the complexes where a lot of Comair people live. Anything furnished or offering leases of less than a year? Anyone offer any special deals? I want to take a trip up to there next week to scope out the living situation so I'll have a good idea what's out there before I start class but I need some leads. Thanks for the help!

Did the package they send you give you any housing suggestions? Are they still just covering the first week in a hotel?

Just curious...when was your interview?

Talked to Kathy earlier this week and she said there should be 2 more classes in July. Anyone else heard this?
How are you getting in touch with Kathy?

Hi Guys...

I've been trying to contact Kathy and I haven't had any luck. Does anyone know if she's on vacation? Or is she just difficult to contact?


PS-For those with class dates...when did you interview?
Sharon is on vacation until the 17th....Kathy I'm not sure about but I think I recall someone saying she was also gone for a few days as well..

I interviewed Feb. 21st///class June 24th

I'm also looking for any hints onto cool complexes for a crashpad/apartrment.....

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