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Horizon Ground School Question

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Well-known member
Sep 16, 2005
I was wondering if anyone would tell me what size and how many Jepp binders should be brought to class. Thanks in advance.
The 2" one is a real tight squeeze for all of the charts. You may want to consider getting two 1" ones, since half of your charts you will NEVER even look at because your airplane doesn't go there. So put the airports you go to a lot in one binder and the useless charts in a second one.
Depends on what aircraft you were hired for. Just left the company and I used a 2 inch for the main junk and 1 inch for the more common used charts. The Q200 has the least number of charts with its own system. Q4 and C7 use the same since they can easily sub for each other. If you are in them the 1 and 2 inch are ok but kinda tight. My suggestion is order them after you start ground school through QX.

Good Luck!
Icelandair, Skid and Positive Rate- Thanks for the responses. Sounds like waiting til' I get there is the best bet. Thanks Again!
mnalpha said:
what you have to bring your own binders?
Hey man, I think your signature says "gay"? You might want to fix that, just so people don't give you a hard time. Anyhow, yeah JAC2LAS, waiting till you get there sounds like a wise idea, I'd agree.

Positive Rate said:
none....unless your in the sim.....class is all systems and stuff
We pray that he makes it that far. Huh B? =)
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With the order of 12 more Q400s I doubt we have filled a pool. They are trying to get a friend of mine to interview this week.
I sent a resume in September, got a postcard acknowledgement. Should I send an updated resume? Who is the person a resume should be addressed to?

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