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Holy bonejob Batman, Jetblue pilots screwed again!

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Well-known member
Jan 21, 2006
Looks like the integrity value is hard at work at Jetblue! Payraises agreed to? I don't think so. What a laugh. Grown men falling for this stuff.
Looks like the integrity value is hard at work at Jetblue! Payraises agreed to? I don't think so. What a laugh. Grown men falling for this stuff.

100% correct. I don't care what they do from this point on. I'm voting for ALPA the minute I'm able too. Its going to be a long summer.
Never been one to post internal company emails, but what the he!!. The fight starts now.

Fellow Pilots,

First, my apologies for the delay in getting this message out. I wanted to report to you on our progress in reviewing compensation. As you have seen in recent information distributed to the Pilot group, it is clear that our base pay rates are not competitive, and getting to industry competitive will take a substantial increase in our Flight Operations budget. The Leadership of JetBlue is committed to making this investment, despite the current recessionary economic conditions and dim airline traffic demand forecast. But as we make this investment, we must also find a way to maximize schedule productivity and reserve system efficiencies to keep us competitive in this challenging economic environment. Although I am not including the details of our commitment in this message, I want you to know that the changes we ultimately make to your pay rates will be retroactive to June 1.

Here’s the plan. We are going to take the month of June to discuss the results of our collaborative thinking, in order to pressure test our results with you, the Pilot group. Depending on your feedback, we expect to offer an Amendment to your Pilot Employment Agreement by August that contains new pay rates (retroactive to June 1), and other improvements to your compensation.

Later this week, you will receive a fact sheet outlining where we think we need to go that will honor a new compensation strategy for JetBlue Pilots. This message will also include a communication calendar with conference calls, base visit times and locations for the month of June. I look forward to discussing and fine-tuning our go-forward plan with you.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this process. Much more detail to follow soon.

Obviously patience is not a virtue when it comes to getting something right. The delay caused by the JBPA drive is the cause of your impatience. How many times are you going to sign a new contract with amendments? I'd like them to hammer out the pay, benefits and work rules and sign one amendable agreement. What part of retroactive to June 1st don't you guys understand? You're like children. Them same irrational rant and raving you guys did before the JBPA election is not going to get you anywhere but in hack with your wives.

Look at Airtran, they're in their 3rd+ year of negotiations and now are under ALPA because NPA couldn't get it done for them. Now they'll wait a little longer until ALPA can get it done. I think I can wait until August, there is a timeline in the e-mail bozos... We all will get a good check at the end of the summer. Patience will prevail

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