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Hiring Times ?'s

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Active member
Jan 10, 2003
Hey everyone,

I heard that with regards to hiring times that regionals will take single engine turboprop time the same as multi. Is that true? I have the chance to work for a guy getting hours on a SEL turboprop and was hoping that it could count instead of having to somehow get multi time. It makes sense that it would count since it's a turboprop and more complex. I have my multi with only like 10 hours so it'd be great not to have to pay out the azz for more. Also, do the regionals allow you to fly for hire part time when you're not flying with them? I was hoping to fly for this guy on the side for the first couple years till the pay gets decent. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
What kind of turboprop? I've never flown one, but at my company people say the twin turboprop we fly is way easier then the high performance piston twin. I guess it all depends on who you talk to.
It won't help you at most regionals including Mesaba. 100 hours multi pic is "generally" the minimum multi time required. Single engine turbine (i.e. Caravan etc...) is not considered more complex than multi piston.

Good Luck
Complex? The PBaron was infinitely more complex flight-wise than the PC12, and you can't Vmc a single no matter what it is. And as a rule, no you can't make money flying elsewhere as a 121 pilot. A long, long time ago a fellow at the place I work now was double dipping. Bent up a King Air on one of his extra $$ trips and got HURT. Turns out he was flying an average of 1400 hours a year... whoops. Feds no likey, and neither did the company.

On the up side, lots of folks moved up a number.
Hey guys, Thanks for the replies. Here is the link to the plane. It's an experimental 6 seat turboprop in the process of being certified. The guy is also looking at the twin jet version so I probably should try to push him towards that one. The link to it is below. I was told that a SEL Turboprop looked better than multi hours by a Transmeridian FO so maybe he wasn't in the know. Anymore info/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Eh, I think SEL Turboprop PIC enhances a rez with a goodly number of MEL PIC hours. Maybe that's what he meant? Who knows.
Most airlines want pilots to meet the minimums, currently at most places they require 100 hours of Multi. Single engine is Single engine whether it's TurboProp or not, the only exception is Military Fighter jet. Without the minimums, they are not going to hire you. I have heard from upper level management that PDT has a pilot pool with guys who have 500 TT and 50 Multi but I don't work there. Some airlines have insurance requirements as well but they may differ.

As far as working on the side, PSA will let you do it with permission from upper level management but I do not see them letting you do it for anytime you want. The problem with this is the next thing you now you'd be calling in sick to fly for the extra money thing. Make a decesion, If you want to be an Airline pilot, Go find the multi!
You also need to understand new aircraft certifications. The projected certification date for the Epic LT is the first quarter of 2006. Airplanes are almost never certified when projected. It can be months or years after this projection before the Epic actually gets certified. Then depending on when the new owners delivery position, is the actual delivery date could be significantly after that. You could easily be a year or more away from having any signicant time in this airplane. I would think that you could find some way to build multi time in that length of time without going out and buying it. I know that it seems like it takes forever to build those first 100 or 200 hours of multi time, but it will come.

The Epic plane is being offered in a Kit also and is being sold presently. It is supposed to take 3 weeks to build their with their factory personel. I don't think the guy has put money down yet, but I'm sure it won't be to far down the road before it could start to be built. One hope I have is that he will buy some multi engine Jet or Turboprop. This will most likely have insurance reqs with a specific number of hours of multi. With any luck, I may be able to get him to pay for us to get the airtime for the insurance. He is currently my student and is wanting to pay me good to keep me around so I'm sure he'll be willing. Thanks everyone for the info, your time giving it won't be wasted. I'm just trying to get a feel for my options before I jump into something.

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