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He's perfect for the regionals!!!!!!!!

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not an ACMI
Nov 13, 2004
copied from another board....

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ExpressJet and Chautauqua, and timing a wedding/timing my job
I am a 20 year old flight instructor in Fort Pierce, FL. I am about to start a program that will get me through to either Express Jet or Chautauqua. The program holder is RAA (Regional Airline Academy). Does anybody know anyone that commutes during their reserve period for either Chaut or Express Jet? I live in the PBI/FLL and willing to be (MCO) based areas. I REALLY want to get on w/ Chautauqua because they have two bases right next door to me (FLL/MCO). But if things are roses at Express Jet (EJ?) then I will most likely bite the bullet and pay my dues away from home. The problem is this: Like most are aware, being a single man is pratically the only way to survive the first year.... I am engaged and plan on getting married Feb 1st.... any and all input on whether to get married first, then try to get on w/ chaut or express jet, or should I get on w/ one of them first then try to get married? I have a feeling getting married after getting a job w/ one of them would nearly be impossible.

Any input on Chautauqua? I am very close to starting a program w/ RAA that will supposedly let me "skip" the 23 minimum age rule (I'm 20). I want to hear the good/bad/ugly about Chautauqua, the fair word on them. I have heard nothing but good things about Express Jet. So how about Chautauqua?

What does anyone think of RAA (Regional Airline Academy)? Any word on how legit RAA is as far as their claims that I will be able to bypass the 23 year age limit for Chautauqua? Or does anyone have their recruiting number so I can call PERSONALLY and ask if they will honor such a claim. I feel that I am at a cross-roads in my life... and I need to make the right decisions to make everything work out in the long run. I dont CARE about hourly pay.... I care about where I live and as long as I am going to get Capt. when I turn 23, then I have 2 1/2 years waiting to be one anyhow due to age on the ATP! Anyhow, please fill me in guys/gals. I really appreciate the help and support.
Best Regards,
Jason Leonard
A guy who wants to do it RIGHT.
yeah, I read that the other day. Quite a poster child, huh!?!? I also like tyhe way he says he's "willing to be based in MCO!!!!" Wouldn't we all!?!?!? If I had a choice between MCO ir here in Hellanta...hmmm...MCO. His lack of interest in pay is quite disturbing.
IFlyFL410 said:
His lack of interest in pay is quite disturbing.

The exact reason why anything larger than 70-seats needs to go to mainline. I don't trust our pilot groups to be able to see the big picture anymore.

What was his other quote? I'd bite the bullet and go where ever as long as I could upgrade when I turned 23.

A guy who wants to do it RIGHT???? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
I get so tired of these people who worry about flying for a regional and not being able to pay their bills, or support their spouse.

It's a simple solution... PUT YOUR SPOUSE TO WORK!! One person can live okay on a regional salary, add your spouse into the mix, and you should be fine!

My spouse worked full time while I went thru my entire flight training, and although it was tight at times, we made it thru, and our doing wonderful now. Same thing when I got my first flying job, she continued working to keep the financial strain off of us.

If your spouse truly believes in your career, then they should be willing to help out to the extent necessary.
Forget all the other issues.

The #1 problem is the guy wants to get married at age 20. Go to college, meet hot chicks and let nature take its course.

What a grizwald, anybody with priorites so far out of whack should never find his way into the cockpit of an airplane.
Just reading this makes me want to cry. What has this industry become? This kid thinks he has the right to be in the left seat at 23, WOW. Good Luck!

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