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Help - thinking of jumping ship for a corp job.

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Active member
Dec 12, 2004
Just starting discussing possibilities of a corp job somebody passed my name along to.

What are some important questions/issues I should get answers too..

Got about a year in at a PDT (looking at 4-5 for PIC).

They said typed right off the bat, It would be double what I am making now, closer to home.

But loose airline travel bennies...

I am just looking for any comments from anyone who has thought about doing this. ie...schedules...time flying a month...ect??

any help would be appreciated.
If I could get same pay or better with a flight department that had decent job security (Fortune 100) and it could get me closer to home, I'd bail in a heart-beat...
is your present company heading towards the bottom, or do you see the company being worth while to be with in 5-10 years......
im in the same boat, thought about it, if the offer is extended im bailing. be stupid not to. if you get typed right off the bat i wouldnt even worry about upgrade time. its not an airline
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How much flying would you do there? Too much? too little?
Are they a stable company, or some rich guy's idea of spending
money? Any benefits?
Thanks guys, with all the MDA cryin it looks like it might be rough ride here as at PDT for junior FOs. Well see. Do majors see a difference between 121 pic and 91/135 pic?

The only benefit to being captain I have found is extra money and dont have to walk around airplane in bad weather. There are no majors left and nobody worth anything will be hiring for a very long time. That is the cold hard fact. Southwest, Jetblue are in tight with military and they get first picks. A buddy of mine worked at a regional for a year. It will remain nameless but they suck. Sucks working for them. Sucks riding on them. Soon to be sending furlough notices. He was came across a job flying for a privately owned jet that was managed but charter company. Plane is based 20 minutes from his home. They more than doubled his salary and typed him. He gets sick amounts of time off and no PIC aggravation. He flies and logs PIC on 91 dead head flights. There are no dream jobs anymore and the golden age of high pay and cute flight attendants looking to play around is pretty much over. So we need to take it day to day. Work when we can work. Get paid as much and as much time off as possible. What the cockpit is or how many sit in back is pretty much a non issue. Only little kids ooohhh and aaahhhh on what kind of plane they fly. The view is always the same and what the logo on the tail says is just paint.

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