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Help, I need 100 hrs.

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Oct 18, 2005
I'm in a bad situation, I been offered a job with 135 operator but I'm about 100 hr shy of the tt needed to start a class. I did what I though was right thing and gave my employer amply notice that I was offered a job and I was planning on taking it. But shortly after I put in my "2 week notice" (was planning to stay another month or so) they took all my students away (with out really telling me) and now I do not have a job. But now knowing that I have job that I want, the 135 one, I can not morally take another flying job just to quite it after I get 100 hr. What to Do, I don't know??? Any one in a similar situation? Are there any good ways to build 100 hr. without making much of a commitment?
Thanks for any Input.
dude, you don't remember to 10 hour trip we made last month to San Antonio...and what about that 5 hour trip to Tampa. You have got to start "remembering" every trip you fly!
That sucks that your flight school did that to you. Any chance of you sitting down with the CP and discussing what happened and explaining the situation? Maybe they will have a heart (though probably not after what they did to you).
Now when you applied for this job, did you tell them initially that you were short of hours? What was on your resume? Why did they offer you a position knowing that you may not be ready when they put you in ground school?

Maybe we just need some more information, but something doesn't sound right here.

The place has an SIC program, but when they have alot of qualifed applicates(1200tt, etc.) they do not take in SIC's unless you have min. number of hours about 1100 or so. So if they have an opeing in a class, and you only have, lets say 600tt, then you go to the class and you SIC it until you reach 1200.
just buy the time and split it with someone in a 152, you'd both log it as well, since you can give instruction through out all of it.

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