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headsets in the crj

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Well-known member
Mar 10, 2002
alright, never thought of this before.....Do they use headsets in the CRJ?? If so what kind are they? The telex type? I know for the most part they use David Clark's in the ERJ..I'm dying to retire my ear smashers.....plus I hate messin up the hairdo ya know......:p
Very few wear DC, most go some version of Telex, it is pretty quiet up there.
not that quite

I see lots of DCs, most guys wearing telexs use earplugs. The real answer is somewhere in between and no one makes that.
The Telex ANR 500's work great. Smaller than the DC head clamp. Light weight and comfy. They are a bit pricey however.

Many of the folks who use the basic Telex's use earplugs. They say it helps. I've tried it and I'm not an earplug person. Like having a bug stuck in your ear.

I use a Bose and love it. Very peaceful up there now. Several friends I know use DC 13.4's and swear by them for comfort and noise reduction.

I say chose the headset that will fit your pocketbook AND save your hearing. I found the Telex AND 500's did that well. No ear-bugs needed.
What time of headset does Comair have in the cockpit? Not sure it is worth paying lots of $$$ when they come off at 10,000 ft anyway...which raises the natureal question......what is Comair's policy on wearing the headsets?
no headsets

the only headset Comair provides is the jumpseat. I've never had any captain take their headset off above 10,000, its just too loud.
Oxygen mask

Do the oxygen masks have communication capabilities built into them, or do you not worry about comms. until you have descended to a lower altitude?
Yes, the oxygen masks have microphones built into them that work the same as your boom mike. You need put a headset on to listen to the other pilot or put your communications on the speaker.
Airline pilot,

Since you looked like the only one with CL-65 experience on this thread what do you really recommend....I'm trying to avoid anything big, telex would be fine and of course no headset at all would be great.....what did or do you plan on using?

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