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Happy to be swimming

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Dec 19, 2001
Happy to be swimming. In 10 years we won't remember the tough times. If we do, it will be with pride, an other cockpit story. You'll tell your FO how easy he/she had it compared to you. You'll tell your kids about adversity. You'll tell your spouse how amazing she/he is; your broker to sell in time, everybody in the back that their choice of airline is impeccable :D
You'll tell yourself that it's pretty cool to fly for SWA.
It's all good. Happy to be swimming :p

Do you have a smile on your face, yet?
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BIG Dittos

The "future" of the airline biz has already arrived, it's ONtime at the gate and painted blue, over orange & yellow!!!

Have a great day everyone!! Tredding:cool:
The only thing better than being in the SWA pool is when you finally get out of it to go to big D!!!!!

We are all very lucky!

Amen to that, guys! We are really fortunate to be waiting on an airline who is financially sound and has a clear plan and purpose. Over time, SWA has proven it is a warrior, and it is doing it again. Looking forward to DAL and a bright future. Take care.:)
More dittos...

Just read this post and, ironically, I think the same thing when I wake up every day!

So happy to be W8n4SWA!!;)

Here, once AGAIN, is proof & confirmation of why I CHOSE SWA over every other air carrier on the planet!!!

This post is uplifting, happy, realistic and a joy to read. Positive attitudes, finding a reason to be happy regardless of the current state of affairs!!!!

All you have to do is click your way over to the "Flaming" AA post to see why most "people" don't belong over here!!!!!!?

Have a great week fellow Pool Rats! Remember, tomorrow IS August 19th!!!!! Hopefully things will change soon for us.... break out the towels????:p

Reagrds - Tredding
Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm happy to be swimming and all, but my arms are gettin' tired, and I need those arms to shoot dice on those LAS layovers. Just think, "one tiny classified ad could make you rich," but one hot roll could double your paycheck!!! (Just don't mention that last part to "she who shall be obeyed."):D :D

"Hands high! Dice are out!"


(just kiddin'... don't play with what you can't afford to lose... "Back again, eh, Griswold? I tell you what, why don't you just give me half your money, I'll kick you in the nuts, and we'll call it even! Whaddaya say?");)
SWA stock predicted to go to $30

Article on "Ripple Affect on Airlines" Good news on SWA in the middle

I don't have any specific news but I'm optimistic about several things that bode well for the swimmers.

1. The IC vote will be yes, not by a lot but it will pass. The most expensive part of the labor equation will be predictable for the next 4 years which allows for better long term strategic planning.

2. The company will respond shortly with more classes to compensate for the new aicraft coming in this fall. Probably no more than 2-4 classes for the year though. Again speculation on my part, no definitive words. I've been wrong before so don't go & sell your house!

3. The company has great financial strength & cash available to move into markets that are being vacated by others as they re-trench. It won't be overnight but it will move nonetheless into markets they already have but wish to increase frequency. The old connect the dot theory is alive & well as they have said.

4. DAL, USA & other leasers have many 737 they wish to lease & the price for these are going down. Deliveries for new 737s are being put on hold at other companies that are also looking to lease airplanes, SWA can help them out in both ways, lease current airplanes & take delivery of new aircraft from other airlines that otherwise they would face a penalty for not taking delivery. Add these to our expected deliveries for '03 we could see several more aircraft in '03 than expected. Pure speculation on my part but a possible way to take advantage of the current economic situation in the aircraft lease/purchase market.

5. Most importantly, keep your head up & hang in there. This time of being in the pool is obviously stressful & seems like an eternity. SWA will recover quicker & once it does it will load up faster than any of expect so the pool will drain. Keep in mind we were 2 classes a month only 4.5 months ago with no end in sight. That spigot could be turned on immediately if SWA deems it appropriate. Thanks again for being loyal to SWA. Keep focused on your family, faith & friends & SWA will be a part of your life before you know it. Good luck & keep the faith.


The end of the article the author states SWA stock is valued at $30. The market realizes the company is a behemoth & will do well in the long run.
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