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Gulfstream Academy

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capt...you bet me to it


whats that all about?
We hire a lot of guys from Gulfstream, after they have worked from the left seat there, yes they get paid.( for flying the left seat at Gulfstream and we pay them too) They really are pretty good FO's and do a very good job. One I know now is a Captain he just got upgraded, for us that is a tuff job and the training department does not make that easy.
410dude said:
There is two sides to every story.

One being that you are trying to "cheat the system or take the easy route" and the second being "you only get SIC time and not PIC time so noone wants to hire you especially after the several recent crashes and they supposidly lost their main hiring airline Pinnacle"

Did I miss anything or get something wrong?
And since when does 2 accidents equal "several"?

It equals several when there have been more than two.






The first link I posted above I actually had met that person one time before he went to Gulfstream. Just because it doesn't happen while at Gulfstream doesn't mean it isn't a result of their training. I had an friend of mine that was just at Gulfstream that told me of more incidents their pilots have had in the airlines. Their reputation is doing down. Because of this he told me, along with my old flight instructor who now flys at Northwest, that Pinnacle quit hiring them because of this. Well they installed some PIC requirement now that just about all of them don't have. One guy I know actually paid Gulfstream an additional $20k or so to get some PIC time. I don't care for him though.
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To the original poster:

If you are seriously considering Gulfstream Academy, and not just posting flamebait, I suggest you use all the resources on the internet to gain as much possible information about this school as you can. If you'll do a search here, and on other forums such as JetCareers, you'll find many negative opinions of pilots currently working in the industry about GAA. You'll even find past GAA graduates currently working in the industry--some who post here--that now feel "educated" on their decision to attend.

Here are some good articles to start:

I suggest you read those. It describes some pilots opinions on what GAA is: Pay-For-Job. At GAA, not only do you get your flight certificates and ratings, but you are also paying for the privledge to occupy a crewmember position that many of us occupy and get PAID for. To create a simple example, it would be like going to Wal-Mart and being required to pay them $7 an hour to be a greeter for six months, then you switch over to your pay rate of $7 and hour. So after about a year, you'd break even. The only problem is, at GAA, you don't "break even" for a long time, since for years you will be paying off your training loans, as well as paying for housing, food, transportation, and so on.

Life as a regional FO is hard due to the long hours and low pay. I've done two years now at first year pay, and it's not easy. Fortunately, I was able to move back home due the proximity of my parents house to the airport I worked at. It was a no brainer. Many FOs do not have that option. I sure wouldn't want to start out deep in the red with $50,000-$100,000 in training loads hanging over my head, as well as an attached "stigma" between about 50% of the pilots in the industry who know and care what GAA is and stands for. I have sat here and watched my good friend struggle after marrying a Comair Academy instructor with $120,000 of flight training debt, making only $15,000 teaching. Now he is moving up to Comair, where he'll still be making lower than the median American income. It's not pretty. I hear about it every week in our phone conversations.

Good luck with your decision.

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