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Great Lakes...Bye Bye Local 747

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Sep 24, 2005
Local 747 will be gone soon.

Be sure to sign-up for the email list in the crew room!

Now is the time to get involved, get unified, and be strong!
All great lakes pilots should get involved instead of the half a$$ed help that the pilot union reps get..Plenty of people to b!tch about how bad the place is but many dont want to help when it comes down to it. Of course the Teamsters are a big problem with how little they do to help guide the group in what to do. As for switching locals, that is only one of the ideas being tossed around and in no way is in the process of happening...YET. More likely would be to switch to the UTU who are the reps for big sky. The company has set aside two..yes two different time periods this month to hold meetings...but guess who we are waiting on to set the meeting up..yep the F##king teamster..once again. So for all the rumors that is what is going on right now and the only thing that is going on right now.
Overspeed Cowboy: That is the best dam Avatar I have ever seen on this site!! That has just completely turned my day around, and possibly my life.
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