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Go! slips into the red amid Mokulele competition

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Feb 17, 2009
Associated Press2:57 PM CDT, May 12, 2009 HONOLULU - Interisland carrier go! airlines has slipped back into the red amid more competition from Republic and Mokulele airlines.

Phoenix-based Mesa Air Group says its nearly 3-year-old Hawaii airline suffered a $2.1 million operating loss in the January to March period.

The loss came after the airline posted its first-ever operating profit in the previous quarter.

Mesa chief executive officer Jonathan Ornstein says the company has faced additional competition as a result of Republic Airways' entry into the Hawaii market.

In November, Indianapolis-based Republic and Kona-based Mokulele launched a new, low-fare interisland service using 70-seat Embraer 170 aircraft operated by Republic.
HONOLULU (AP) — Republic Airlines says it has invested an additional $2 million in its partner Mokulele Airlines.
The Indianapolis-based Republic says it believes Mokulele is making progress in becoming Hawaii's No. 2 interisland carrier.
Republic was required to invest the $2 million under a recapitalization agreement reached in March. It had Republic become a 50% shareholder as it took over Mokulele's operations.
In a conference call Tuesday, Republic disclosed it has now invested $13 million in Mokulele since the carriers teamed up in October. Republic's net investment is $11 million because of a $2 million deposit it holds from Mokulele.
Bryan Bedford is Republic's chairman, president and chief executive. He says Republic is fully committed to Mokulele.
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