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Frontier Update

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Heard rumors of hiring next year sometime. A319's
will be arriving one a month starting in Feb. Lots of
expansion right now. Happy Holidays!:)

They will be hiring about 60 pilots in 2002!!!
Don't know which aircraft , most likely on the Airbus.
Fly safe
Other posts indicate increased hiring at Air Tran, JetBlue, and SWA! Here come the "low cost" carriers in 2002!

What kind of pay/benefits does Frontier offer?
Anyone know if Frontier requires you to resign your seniority number from another carrier?


Maybe it would be easier to list
any companys that DON'T make you
resign your seniority number.
I interviewed with Frontier early last year and needless to say I got shot down on a open mouth insert foot question from HR. My interview with the CP was outstanding but I guess that HR Chickie pulled alot of weight on the CP's desicion. I am going to resubmit and re-apply as soon as I hear the word. '

I was pretty impressed with the operation and the people are really laid back and professional. The pilots are extremely friendly and the ones I rode to DEN with were awesome.

The interview was a one on one with HR and one on one with the CP. No Sim, no Medical.

Ill try to get more info.

Fly safe!:D

By chance, did you have a letter of recommendation from a Frontier employee before they called you in for an interview? Just curious as I hear it is almost a requirement to be called.

Yes I did direct.

I flew BE99's a while back with a Captain that is pretty senior there now. A friend got on without one though.:D
Last I heard we are getting Eight A319's this year
and returning Two 737/200's. Growth rate of roughly
15%. Lots of it in the first Three to Four months of

Also heard RUMORS of a new hire class this spring.
Have not heard if it will be a Boeing or Airbus class.
I suspect it would be an Airbus class as we are a bit
fat on Boeing pilots right now.

Good luck to all.

BTW, The old, "You've got to know someone who works
here to get hired program" does not exist. Obviously
it helps but it is not required. I did'nt know anyone
nor did (or do) I live in Denver. Hope this helps.
Happy New Year!!!!!;)

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