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Freight job in Florida.

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"Say when..."
Apr 27, 2005
Does anyone have info on Flightexpress? I'm looking in that direction but wont to first do my homework. Anything will help, thanx in advance.
210's and Barons. Not sure what the upgrades are, but probably about 6 mo. I know they were hurting bad a couple of months ago, but maybe they hired enough guys. Lot's of threads on here, just do a search.

Why Flight Express? Do you not want to leave Florida?

I'd suggest Ameriflight. You'd have to move, but most likely start in a Chieftain with a quick upgrade to turbine stuff if you are willing to move. I have a buddy who spent 2 months as a Chieftain guy in Burbank and just finished Beech 99 training.
The flightexpress recruiter posts on here from time to time. They were hurting for pilots bad a few months ago like citabria said, not sure what the deal is now.

They have runs all through the southeast. The pay is decent for their operation - they pay $10.00 per DUTY hour as oppposed to some places that pay per day. That means you're getting paid while you're waiting for cargo. Not bad. The shortest run they have is like 3-4 hours of duty time, but you still make the minimum $75.00/day.

Not a place to stay for awhile, but there is NO CONTRACT. You can get in and out quickly. Upgrade to the baron is 6-8 months. Ram air is slowly taking over their florida runs it seems though. I think they might have a contract though.

If you want cargo and are willing to move, I would suggest Airnet. You start in a Baron, 310, Chieftan or Caravan -- or you might get more than one plane like most do. Upgrade to the Lear 35 is only 12-15 months. It took me 13 months. The pay is good and the company is great. Maintenance is top notch and we are hurting for pilots right now. PM me with any questions. Good Luck with the search.
I worked for FLX. They were pretty good to me. I came in with only ten hours of multi. I spent 8mos in the C-210 before getting the Baron. You need to know that it's night freight, so you're going to be tired and you're going to be in the weather. If you have any questions, PM me.
Oh yeah, FLX doesn't just operate in florida. I spent most of my time flying around the Midwest. Usually, you can easily bid into a "northern" run.
Get in with a good, growing company... come to Ram. Upgrade to a twin in a month most likely. Good people, good mx, decent equipment. We're starting a class on the 15th and I think there's an opening left.
Typical Airnet schedule is Monday-Thursday with weekends off. Most guys work nights, but there are some day runs. Some work Fridays and a few work weekends, but 75% are night runs Monday-Thursday. Why go to a comapny where an upgrade is to a twin piston? Airnet starts you in a piston twin and the upgrade is a Learjet. We hire guys as low as 25 multi.

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