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Frankfurt: Tupelev & Boeing Jets Collide

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Jan 11, 2002
FRANKFURT, Germany –– A Tupelev and a Boeing airliner collided over the southern German state of Baden-Wuerttember, a state official said early Tuesday. There was no immediate word on causalities

A spokesman for the interior ministry of Baden-Wuerttemberg, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, said the planes went down near the city of Sigmariegen, near Lake Constance.
Other sources are reporting this to be a DHL B757F freighter and a Tupolev passenger jet. However, as always...preliminary information is sketchy, at best.


Even though the article states the collision was at 12000', I believe that should be 12000 meters. All accounts are that it happened at FL350-360.
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dpa via Babelfish -

Spot News: Two airplane together-hit at the Bodensee
Stuttgart (dpa) - over Ueberlingen at the Bodensee obviously an airplane disaster occurred. According to first police data a passenger plane and an air freighter collided in the late evening. Falling down wreck parts caused large damage. The number of the passengers was first unclear. The air freighter of the type Boeing 757 is to have been occupied with two persons only. With the other machine it is to act around Tupolev out of white Russia. Two corpses were found in Konstanz. At present, a farm and several houses burn a school.

02.07.2002 01:18 MEZ

Reuters says the 757 is presumably a transport. At the scene the situation is unclear. Wreckage is strewn over 30 to 40 kilometers. The planes probably collided at very high altitude. As of known 2 bodies found. Many buildings burning. It's not possible to determine if there are more victims. Numerous emergency vehicles underway.
tagesschau.de via Babelfish -

Dead one after airplane collision
Two airplanes collided in the proximity of Ueberlingen at the Bodensee and fell. To data of the situation center of the ministry of the Interior of Baden-Wuerttemberg several humans died. At the soil several buildings are on fire.

With the airplanes it acts around a passenger plane of the type Tupolev 154 and a freight machine of the type Boeing 757. On board Tupolev from white Russia 80 humans are to have been according to data of the police. The air freighter of the type Boeing 757 is to have been occupied with two persons only.

The two machines together-hit over the locality Owingen and smashed. Falling down one, burning wreck parts according to police caused large damage. The airport in Zurich confirmed the crash of the two machines, could however first no details call. Corpses and rubble parts were found scattered after first information about a periphery by six kilometers at the soil. The police looked with helicopters for survivors. Two corpses were found according to data of the police in Konstanz.

According to eye-witness reports two burning wreck parts are pushed by the clouds, then it gave an explosion. On it a third large burning part fell down briefly, which illuminated the whole sky blood-redly. Tupolev is to have been on the way from Moscow to Barcelona. Over origin and a goal of the freight machine first nothing was well-known.

German To English translation
Anybody know if cargo aircraft in Europe are exempt from having TCAS like they are n the US?
Yes..Europe is RVSM. And apparantly the 757 was TCAS equipped.

At a news conference in Baden Wurtenburg it was stated that that the Tupolev was asked repeatedly to descend but did not comply. The 757 received a TCAS warning. They were under Zurich control near the Swiss/German border.
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