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Former NWA union leader crosses picket line

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Aug 27, 2002
You are congratulating a scab?

You must be either Mesaba or Wal-Mart management.
If the former union president is crossing the picket line and is going back to work, what is that telling you? Maybe this strike is not going to work out for the mechanics? It will be a shame that a lot of good mechanics and cleaners may not be getting their jobs back.
AMFA trying to bring down NWA is like me refusing to buy gasoline from Exxon will bring them down.

AMFA is like an empty jock strap, no support.
English said:
You are congratulating a scab?

You must be either Mesaba or Wal-Mart management.

No, he's congratulating someone that has the sense to keep his job it would appear.
I know that I am going to get attacked for this, but I dont see it as him crossing a picket line. Yes they are still striking, but it is obviously a failed strike. Those jobs are now gone, replacements have been hired as the new permanent employees. NWA is still laughing everytime they drive up to the airport from HQ and see the mechanics picketing. Reality sucks. I hate to see a union get beat, but this one in over.
He is a former IAM leader. This strike is an AMFA strike. He thinks the proposal should have went to a vote??? I can tell you the vote would have been "NO". This scab is the perfect example of what happened at USAir and United. Although there wasn't a strike at USAir or United... The senior mechanics (20 yr+ guys) voted to outsource all the junior mechanic jobs. That's why this guy is a "yes" voter. The only outcome that could hurt him was a strike. Such a selfish greedy scab he is

I heard new hires at NWA will be hired-in at top-out or a close to top-out rate of $22/hr. The future is looking more and more gloomy every day a carrier goes into bankruptcy .
Thank you for the clarification on the union leader.

The Star Tribune article stated that Mike Hurley was currently earning $27.54 an hour and CNN reported that the replacement workers were earning $26.53. http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/25/news/fortune500/northwest_replacements/index.htm

Maybe a no vote is exactly what NWA management wanted all along and either way, vote or no vote, AMFA played right into their hands. If this was a poker game I believe the term would be, "Having an ACE up their sleeve".

From my view on the outside I cannot think of one reason why NWA would have the former mechanics come back to work. Any ideas anyone?

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