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For Sale on eBay: "Like New" MiG 21

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Spooky 1 said:
Got something a lot better than that coming to our operation sometime this year.
what? that "cool" looking airplane from the movie "Stealth"? :D

i'm kidding, sheesh. what are you guys really getting?

I want to start the F-16 Flying Club. Just need 13,999,999 more people and $7500 per hour. I get to fly first... I called it! I mean it!
Notice that the aircraft is located in, and owned by, an unnamed foreign country. Just because you own the plane doesn't mean you will be able to import it into this country and fly it around on weekends! I can't imagine the FAA signing off on this, even if the owner had previous F-16 time in the military.

There's also the problem of support. Even if you also buy the guy's "17M in spares", you would still need access to test equipment and expertise. The Air Force wouldn't help you, and I'm sure Lockheed Martin would also tell you to take a hike.

It's a fun idea, though! Two words- chick magnet!
"hey man, is that thing yours?"

"Yup, chicks dig it. it's a shaggin' wagon!"

instead of joining the mile high club, you could join the mach 1 club!!! though it'd be hard in such a cramped cockpit...

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