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FlyI almost done

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Active member
Aug 9, 2005
FlyI press release today says they will pull out of JFK and fly two flights a day to LGA. I remember when they flew 16 flights a day to JFK because "the NY market needs us". Also SWF will be pulled with decrease flying in other low profit routes. YAHOO finance says two weeks before CH 11. Any other info for the people still their?
Do you really think it will be CH11? or possibly CH 7? Do they have any financing lined up. Best luck to all FlyI guys
I think Chapter 7 is more likely. Unfortunately, I don't see any small jet carrier (I know FlyI has a few Airbuses) being able to float along in Chapt. 13 like United. The creditors just won't have the fortitude to tolerate it, they'll just want their cash. And the judge will most likely agree. Good luck guys.
is United already in Chapter 13..i thought 11 was reorginization and 13 was bassicly getting shut down..correct me if im wrong????????
FrenchTickler said:

At least they bought some Airbuses

oh well

One of many mistakes made.

Anyone think that Indy might be bought-out or will they just go out?
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