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Flippity Flops I'm on a plane beyotch

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Well-known member
May 15, 2006
I was just eating my morning cereal when low and behold a cracker jack prize fell into my bowl. And I would tell you its a free plane ride for three. Ahhh sheeyot get your headsets its about to go down everybody in the place hit the flight deck. Everybody look at me cuz I'm on a plane beeyotch. Take a good hard look cuz I'm on a plane, we be drinkin santana champ cuz its so crisp, I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies, I'm flippin burgers you at Kinko's straight flippin copies. I'm on a plane man, and it ain't goin fast and, I got an article theme so pass me the tips can, we the poorest flyin pilots and, I'm on a plane man just like ceo, if you own the show you sure not meo. I'm on a plane and I will tell you I fly for the passion not the money. I would tell you that after today you pissed all good will away, but I'm on a plane man. Hey life if you could see me now, all spread wide now on the starboard bow, gonna fly this plane to the moon somehow, like Kevin Garnet anything is possible. Yeah never thought I'd fly a plane for free, its a big blue watery road, never thought I'd be on a plane. Everybody look at me I fly a plane for free.

We been played hard, no need to send out a p.o.s. ta, send the strike cards out instead!
Pretty well sums up yesterdays company meeting doesn't it?
FR8dog, don't discount the power of an insulting POSTA. It can be the slap in the face that some pilots need to wake up to the reality of their situation. To unenlightened managers, a POSTA is a normal step in negotiations. After the Options pilotgroup shows the FLOPS the error of their thinking you guys will be closer to a fair contract. Echoing Semore, Hang in there! You're doing the right thing! NJW
We been played hard, no need to send out a p.o.s. ta, send the strike cards out instead!

Agreed, mail out the strike cards and inform the owners and Jetpass card holders that the pilots are asking for a strike vote. Wait and see how many redemptions there are when the news hits the wires.

Send Viagra to Owner Services since they will have to do a lot of "Owner Loving" soon.
Funny how it takes a company meeting to make you guys at FLOPS want the strike cards!! First of all your scared leader is not going to go that route in the near future cause hes scared of his own shadow..I would suggest that your about 7 years over due of getting out of there but like they say theres no time like the present. Net Jets will probably be hiring again in a year or two..and you guys still wont have a contract..I bet Ricci throws a bone at the pilots in the near future..Let me see how about matching half of what you use to get on the 401k? That will calm all the FLOPS pilots down through peak travel season. FLOPS pilots hear this!! and you can all get mad and blast me all you want but you know what I say is true. Ricci has and always will play you guys for fools. And why not/ hes gotten away with it so far..And secondly you got a ineffective MEC heading your Union and Ricci knows he can control him like a puppet. So get mad. Ask for strike cards. But the smart ones will be updating and sending out resumes cause when companies start hiring again. They will be positioned nicely. It worked for me a few years ago.
Didn't think too many people would get this unless

1- you're a flops pilot
2-watch snl
3-listened to company meeting


just substitute plane for boat and you'll get the idea

Well we showed this managemant team what we can do, now it's time to show em what we are really capable of. STMFD!!!!!!!!!!

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