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Flight training device logging?

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Well-known member
Apr 11, 2002
I am taking an IFR sim class at one of our local junior colleges. They use an AST-300 sim.

My question is, under what columns would this be logged. The obvious two would be Flight sim and dual.

Would it also be logged under simulated instrument or total time? Is it important to have the number of instrument approaches also?

My instructor only puts it down under FS and Dual.
Logging sim time

Rose State, Dracos?

I would log the time as Flight Simulator only and have your instructor sign it off with a description. I think it is important to log the number of approaches, so your instructor should count the number of approaches by type and location. E.g., 1-ILS 17L PWA, 1-VOR-A, PWA, 1-LOC 17 HSD, etc. You would not log the time as simulated instrument or total time because it did not take place in an aircraft.

Good luck with your instrument training.
It isn't dual either. Just log date, type of sim, where the sim is located, type of approaches/hold/tracking, number of approaches, sim time. Instructor signs it, and thats all
Yes it is dual. You can log it only as flight sim (FTD) and dual received, not instrument though. Note: you can also use 50 hours of FTD time to count towards your 250 total time requirement for your commercial license if you decide to get it.
Thanks for clearing that up Avi8tor, I was giving my log book a quick glance and saw nothing was ever put in the dual slots. hmmm..... :mad:
I would not log it as dual. It is assumed that the dual column is for actual flight time and when you go to fill out airlines aps. later it may screw you up. Your PIC, SIC and dual should add up to your total time. (It's also a way to check to see if you've been adding your totals correctly) Sim/FTD is assumed to be dual, especially if the instructor is signing it off. I'm not looking at the columns in the logbook right now but I would say that the dual, PIC, SIC, are all under a category for flight and simulators have there own section. I may not be entirely clear on this but hopefully you get my drift.

Instruction received is...instruction received. You're entitled to log it in that manner. You are required to show a certain amount of instruction received. However, for totaling purposes, something else to consider is the relationship of each total.

For private flying, you can essentially forget about the meaning of totals or neatness; nobody cares. However, for the pursuit of a professional logbook, instruction received, plus pilot in command, plus second in command, should equal total time. Therefore, for totalling the instruction received column, maintain in your totals only that which is not pilot in command, or second in command.

Any instruction received may be logged as such, but the total at the bottom of the page should be added only to incude that time not counted as PIC or SIC. On each line in which you receive instruction, log it as "dual" and get an endorsement attesting to that instruction. If you can't log it any other way, total it at the bottom of the page. If you can log it another way, keep it out of the totals at the bottom of the page.
Whoa - now wait a minute. If dual and PIC (and any others) should add up to total time - I might as well throw out my log book and make another one. Since receiving my Private, I've flown with numerous CFI's for additional ratings, getting checked out in FBO aircraft, etc...and every last one of them logged my time as both Dual and PIC.

Not that those CFI's can't be wrong, but I sure as heck hope not. That'd pretty well screw my logbook.

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