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Nov 22, 2005
Hey all...i'm new to flightinfo...sent over from another forum...

I'm really interested in working for Flight Express, but i have a few questions i haven't been able to find through the forum search.

From what i understand, Flight Express has hubs in Tampa, Nashville and St. Louis and many other "bases". When you get hired on, do you choose where you'd like to fly out of?

Where do you live...say if you had a family? Do you live in the hub city and commute to the base/domiciles every day?

What is the average day/or week life as far as scheduling goes?

thanks for any responses!
Honestly im not to sure about your answers so ill refrain from saying anything. However, like the next guy to post i would recommend a search on flight express. They have been talked about many times on here. That will get you answers faster then waiting for a response.
welcome rick.

ive been flying for FLX for almost a year now, and its a very good place to build experience, upgrades are a lilttle too slow at the time but in general its a great company to work for.

we have our headquarters in orlando executive, and 2 more big bases in tampa and nashville, the we have scattered many other outpost and small bases, as st louis, jacksonville, opa locka, lunkin Ohio, jackson Mississippi, etc...you can check the website for all the places we operate to and from

when you get hired, you still need to do and PASS the groundschool and checkride, during that time (1 week usually) operations will say which bases "are and could" be open for when the checkride is done, now in the written test you have in the groundschool, the highest score gets to choose from "that list they give", the second highest score picks second and so on so on...
however, things change so rapidly that you could end up being sent to the opposite side of the country from where you chose according to your score....so they will tell you in the phone interview...come to ground school with your luggage "ready" to go "anywhere"....during ground..they pay for the hotel and also pay you 75 a day....so the deal is very good as you see

if you have a family you can request to be sent close to where you live...but then again it all depends on the need of the company, if at the beginning you are sent far away...they will try and do their best to have you come back closer.....they are pretty cool with tath.....but you have to have patience...

schedulewise, all runs are different in duty time, flight time and accordingly pay....expect to make in the low 19K to the mid 20K a year depending on that. i tell you what i do so you have an idea...i go on duty at 1530 and off duty at 0300....flight daily between 4 and 5 hours...and a "lot" of layover time doing nothing, but gettin paid of course.....

i hope that answer your questions and if you have more feel free to keep asking....FLX is a great company to work for as i said before....

i saw in your profile....that you have a ppl and 70somthing hours? is that right? i'm sure you know the minimus for part 135 operations are 1200 total time with different requirements in between, xc, night, instruments, etc...

well...anything else i can help you with...let me know

Thanks martincfi...this is exactly what i was looking for.

As far as my hours go...i'm looking to finish my ratings and certificates and do some instructing and then onto flying cargo.
Here's the short story, PM for specifics if you would like:

FLX will initially base you where they need you. This could be as far south as Opa Locka, as far north as Cincinnati Lunken, or as far west as Kansas City. New hires tend to get the runs no one else wants. These seem to be Jackson MS or Tampa FL, but it varies month to month. However, the DO will work to get you the base/run you desire, and this usually happens within a month. Sometimes, they will cover the hotel the entire time you are at your first base, but this depends on the situation.

Most runs are day runs. However, they can vary from a 4 hour duty day with 2 hours flight, to a 14 hour duty day with anywhere from 2 hours flight to 8 hours flight. Most longer days (11-14 hr duty days) involve a long layover which you are paid (hourly) for. This is where FLX's pay scales works well for the pilot.

Baron upgrades (I guess it's an upgrade?) are still about 6 months if you are flexible. Most Baron runs are in Nashville, so if you want to live there, you can get into the twins sooner. Also, FLX does have housing in BNA and CPS that is free for the pilots. It is similar to dorm life, but free nonetheless.

Maintenance is excellent. With any 135 company, as soon as a discrepancy is noted, the airplane is UNAIRWORTHY. This could be something as trivial as paint peeling off a cowling, or as major as a wing missing. Once written up, the airplane doesn't fly. You will hear horror stories of 135 freight companies pushing pilots to fly unairworthy airplanes with maintenance issues, but I never had that happen at Flight Express.

Finally, you will fly through bad weather. Fortunately, FLX also owns a company named "Flight Ice" that designs, installs, and certifies TKS systems on many different piston and turbine powered aircraft. I found this system to be a breath of fresh air from most 135 operators. Central Air Southwest also uses this system. However, you as the PIC, make the decisions on cancelling a flight, diversions for weather, flight planning, etc.

For more information, contact Gary Hillyer, the Flight Express pilot recruiter. He can be reached at (407) 895-0453, extension 613.

Art V.:D
and if anyone needs a job they're still taking people for the classes starting this monday (nov 28th) and dec 12th. give gary a call and pm me so i can get the referral fee :D

The above is the website of the director of training, and has a huge amount of info for the propsective pilot. If you're planning on going, you'll be sitting pretty if you go through the documents there and learn what you can ahead of time. Pay particular attention to the flows, you'll be expected to use them all verbatim in the airplane. For groundschool, concentrate on basic part 91 instrument flying stuff, the 135 will be taught in class.

Good luck.

Boris Badenov said:
you'll be expected to use them all verbatim in the airplane.

"Positive rate on two instruments, clear of all obstacles, out of usuable runway....Gear up (hummmm, clunk)" Gosh.....I almost miss it!

You'll get invaluable experience flying at Flight Express! Stay sharp......the weather can be treacherous! But all in all, it's a fair place to work and company people are pretty cool!!!
I noticed on Flight Express' pilot senority list there was less than 60 pilots. How long do most pilots stay? Is it possible to make Flight Express a "career?" Just curious...

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