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Brett Hull

Nov 25, 2001
What's it take these days to get an interview at Flexjet? Are they even hiring these days?
They called me two weeks ago. 3650tt,1670jet, 1007pic jet.
I declined the interview. I got a job 2 days before the interview.
Good move turning down the interview, you would not be happy and would soon be looking for a better job.
The voice of experience!
I spoke to someone in Flexjet's Dallas office in April, sent him my resume in May, and was told yesterday he was laid off with several others.

Did they lay off pilots or just admin. type office people? I read a lot about Flight Options and Executive Jet here. Why isn't there any talk about Flexjet? Are they that good or that bad to work for? Is there something I am missing? I know Bombardier has had some setbacks, but I though FLexjet was A-OK.

Although I do not work at Flexjet, I do speak to their pilots often. None of the pilots I have spoken to have been upbeat, regardless if they were captain or FO.

All have spoken of reduced fleet size (less than 100 aircraft...est.), 2 year FOs with no upgrade in sight, downgraded hotels, bad labor relations, etc. I don't seem to cross paths with Flex'ers as much as I used to, either in the air or at the FBOs. I'm not sure what is going on there. I wish them the best of luck. It doesn't appear that Montreal is interested in making them the powerhouse they once were.

Where to Begin?

I'm not sure what all to tell you about Flexjet. First off, for those who don't know, my husband is a CA at Flexjet. And he loves flying learjets for them. With that said, most of what NJA Capt says is also true. There have been some tough times for Flex. I also think it's interesting that not many people post on here regarding Flex.

We haven't heard of any layoffs in the offices. We know of some new pilots though so I don't have any idea what happened with RJL. I can't imagine they are laying office personnel off when Flex had it's best quarter ever last quarter. I may be wrong in this, but I think they were the only fractional who posted a profit last quarter.

There have been some serious "labor problems" for the last 1-2 years. Well before 9/11. Upgrades are non existent and some of the other issues mentioned by other posts are true also. The hotel issue is a big one right now. Flying 7 on and 3 off is biggie too. Also a reason other pilots don't see them as much in FBO's is because the company is regularly flying the pilots 12+ hour days. They are in the air all the time now. It makes for some long days as a pilot, but it also could be part of the reason for making a profit last quarter.

Any other info you want let me know. As far as I know they are still accepting resumes and hiring.
I don't want to beat a horse when it's down on its knees but I will give you my insight into Flexjet.

There are many reasons why people at FX are so unhappy but here is a big one. When they laid-off people in October they did it OUT of seniority. They basically laid-off people they didn't like and after they got ride of those people they went to the bottom of the seniority list and laid off about 7 guys that were new-hires. So, for those of you who think a UNION isn't worth the $$$$$....think again!!

Nevertheless, FX has continued to go down the tubes thanks mostly to Montreal. Flexjet is about the most Micromanaged Company I have ever seen - the "Big Boys" up in BC tell the "Managers" in ADS what to do and they do it. As a result there is massive understaffing....people are flying 7/2 and 7/3 schedules consistently, poor hotels (CLC Card) and upgrades are now 3-4 years as the fleet continues to shrink. Management does not listen to the pilots and has now basically taken the stand of: "If you don't like it, leave. There are plenty of people who want your job." The "Bean Counters" have taken over FX and the results are evident.

There is again a push toward Unionization at Flexjet but don¡¦t think it will ever happen and if it does happen Bombardier will probably just shutdown Flexjet as it's not a moneymaker and don't want to deal with additional labor issues.

Just my 2 cents from a former Flexjeter ļ
I am sorry to hear that Flex management is putting the screws to the pilots.

I was told that over a year ago Flight Options wanted to enter into talks with Flex for a merger but were turned away. Then Options went to Travel Air and worked out an agreement. A week before the Flight Options / Travel Air deal was announced Flex contacted Flight Options and said they were now interested but Flight Options told them it will have to wait a while.
I know that Ken Ricci at Flight Options wants to grow the company quick to match EJA in size ASAP so another merger might be in the future for Flex and Options once everything is settled with Travel Air.

As for the union issues, the teamsters are trying to get into Flight Options now and I was told by an EJA union rep that their plans are to get into all the fractionals and set a standard contract for all pilots at all the fractions with regards to money, pensions work rules etc...
I can confirm the FlexJet fleet reduction. N214FX is being leased from FlexJet by another company for charter work
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