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Flexjet Recalls Two Flight Attendants, Janitor

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Well-known member
Apr 19, 2007
DALLAS--In a move hailed by company leaders as a sure sign of a turnaround, Flexjet has brought back two flight attendants and one janitor.

"We're extremely proud that we were able to bring these folks back into the Flexjet family, albeit on a strictly contractual basis, which means we are not required to provide them with any benefits of any kind," company president Fred Reid stated at a news conference during which his words were often drowned out by uproarous applause from a fawning audience consisting almost entirely of female Flexjet headquarters employees, several of whom swooned and had to be carried out on gurneys. "This is a great day for all of us."

Reid added that the decision to bring the three employees back was "fraught with risk," but that he remains confident it was "the right thing to do moving forward."

"If being a leader means making the tough calls, then call me a leader," Reid said.
sure sucks being the second guy on the janitor furlough list it does! just 1 small number away from recall!!

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