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FL OPS training contract?

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They do. It's 12 months and depending on which aircraft you are going to school on determines the $$$. You see, even if you upgrade to another aircraft after being a loyal Options employee for 6 years, you still have to sign a 12 month contract. Not that it's worth the paper its printed on though.
Its 12,000, and you start off in the beechjet 400. Its also prorated so if you leave 6months later, you only pay a portion of that. As far as I remember that is the only training contract you have to sign. I just interviewed a few weeks ago. Class next week. Any other BNA guys in the 24th class?
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I was in a new hire class about 4 months ago, they mentioned the contract casually but me and everyone else in the class never signed anything, so I guess we got off the hook. Anyone else had this happen recently?

Been there almost 6 years. HUGE pay cut to go somewhere else and with college bills, just doesn't seem like a smart thing to do.

Times are not that bad and there are alot of jobs, unless you are a really low time pilot.

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