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As far as I know the answer is no. I talked to a friend who flies for FEDEX about 3 months ago and he told me that they were not going to interview furloughed guys because of what happened in the early 90s. Apparently they hired quite a few AA furloughees who then resigned with AA, but were recalled anyway. Almost all went back.
Don't I feel like a PUTZ, I just paid them $50 for the application fee!! I guess I should cancel my FE written...that will be $90...alot for a FUrlo"d guy!

The word I got the other day is that they are interviewing and hiring USAIR guys, because they figure they wouldn't have anywhere to go back to.
There is a fact that I think the few remaining hiring airlines don't realize:

In the past, US Air's management had the policy of ignoring resignation notices they received from furloughed pilots. If a furloughed pilot got hired elsewhere, and tendered a resignation to US Air, the resignation was simply thrown away.

Today, however, US Airways' management has publicly stated that they will honor resignation notices from furloughed pilots.

In October 2001, US Airways' VP of Flight Operations, Greg Gibson, sent a letter to all pilots stating that US Airways' policy on this matter had changed.

The company's lawyers have informed the company that discarding or otherwise ignoring a resignation notice would be considered destruction of pilot records. This would be considered a violation of the Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA).

Consequently, henceforth US Airways will remove from the seniority list the name of any pilot who tenders a letter of resignation.

Southwest, FedEx and any other hiring airline need to know this fact, so that they will not fear to interview and hire us poor US Airways furloughees!

Likewise, all US Airways' furloughees need to be aware of this, so as to make informed decisions.

Spread the word.
I had originally heard the same thing about FedEx not interviewing nor hiring furloughed pilots. However, in my March interview class there was a furloughed USAIR pilot who not only got the opportunity to interview but got hired as well. Not sure where the truth lies but this one is a true story. The only thing I can think is that maybe that USAIR pilot had applied prior to Sept 11 looking to leave USAIR before this mess started, not sure??
Hearing that a poor fuloughed slob was hired by FEDEX is nice to know.

I doubt having the app in prior to Sept 11 was a factor...I've had my app in since FEDEX went electronic, almost 2 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I should have been called by FEDEX...I suppose FEDEX could have looked at my app and concluded I was a clown (not far fetched), but since 3 majors invited me to interview, I feel as though I am somewhat competitive.

FEDEX having recently added the question of whether you are on furlough or not just adds fuel to the fire that they are screening out furloughed folks. I don't know why else the would ask. Anyone? Anyone? Bueler.

Yes, FEDEX will hire you

I started a post on the AAA message board asking the same question. Several messages were returned from furloughed US Air guys who have been interviewed and some were fortunate to get hired by FEDEX. Many had applied post 9/11. All had LOR from employees of fedex. So everyone should apply NOW!!! Good luck.

Hey KC-10 guy, is that you Pinky?

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