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FedEx new j/s policy??

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"Kids these days"-AAflyer
Nov 14, 2004
Anybody heard that FedEx is no longer allowing offline j/s? Details......truths....etc. The newspaper article that I read stated that the new policy would not affect their being able to ride on other carrier's j/s. Don't see how that could be true. Anyone know anything about this?
Aren't contract negotiations fun!!
Maybe they won't be welcome on other carrier's....

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Memphis-based FedEx is ending a favorite perk for U-S employees.
No longer can they hop on a big cargo jet and fly for free to just about anywhere in the country.

The change has been made for security reasons.

Since its early years, FedEx Express has allowed off-duty employees to fly in so-called "jumpseats" in the cargo bays of its airplanes on a space-available basis.

Now, only FedEx Express employees on company business will be allowed to fly in the jumpseats, which are similar to those featured in the movie "Cast Away" starring Tom Hanks.

The policy change will not affect off-duty FedEx pilots who still can fly free aboard planes of other airlines through a program approved by the Transportation Security Administratio
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I think that means FedEx GROUND BASED EMPLOYEES can no longer ride in the jumpseat. Their PILOTS still can, and with the advent of CASS which FedEX and UPS were instrumental in developing, I'd assume off-line PILOTS in the CASS system will be able to as well. Remember, newspaper folks often know not their ass from their elbow, yet still pontificate about rumors they've heard as if they had a thorough education in the subject. As long as the company still honors the CASS for all CASS approved carriers, no sweat. Failing that... Yeah, some of those fellas are probably gonna have a tough time getting to work offline.
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Offline jumpseaters that are in the CASS system will still be able to jumpseat on a FedEx jumpseat. The newspaper artice is in regard to all other employees except pilots jumpseating for personal reasons.
PoorJetDriver said:
No longer can they hop on a big carGJ and fly for free to just about anywhere in the country.

I don't have anything to add here other than to point out my amusement at the fact that the term carg-o jet gets changed to carGJ when posted. :rolleyes:
I thought that FedEx required that the CASS system used is the one where it's got the photo of the pilot within the system??? Aren't there only a handful (maybe 2) airlines that have that???
Yes Fedex requires a CASS airline to have a digital photo database as well as a passport. The TSA is making this mandatory for ALL CASS airlines by September 2006. Many airlines have this, and jumpseat on Fedex all the time.
What about the dispatchers......never mentioned.....as usual....can dispatch commute to work and home as the pilots do if working for a CASS company? I dont want to assume anything anymore.
Call Fedex Jumpseat Administration 1-800-544-9040 to find out about dispatchers.

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