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Fed Ex plane grounded, again

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Jan 29, 2002
Fed Ex Plane Grounded, Again
by Leah George
Published Oct 26, 2005

http://www.rnews.com/images_story/fedex102605.jpgCrews Towed This Airbus Out of the MudIt was deja vu at the Rochester airport Wednesday morning.
For the second day in a row a Federal Express plane slid off the runway and into the mud.
Tuesday, rainy weather was to blame.
Wednesday, mechanical issues kept this airbus-300 grounded.
Fed Ex says as the pilot was taxing to take off, the plane had a nose gear problem, had trouble turning and slid off the runway.
Rescue crews were again called in to tow the package filled plane out of the mud and to safety.
"This is a highly unusual situation. We're proud of our safety record. Fed Ex takes situations like this seriously. We have contingency plans in place, packages will still be delivered on time," said Fed Ex spokesman Ryan Furby.
In-between the two mishaps, seven Fed Ex planes successfully flew in and out of the Rochester Airport.
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I am not sure this post rates a "smiley"! Perhaps sour grapes about the output of a grip and grin?
Why does FEDEX appear on the 'Major' board? I've never figured that one.

Well, FedEx pilots get paid in a major way, don't they? Compare F9's compensation to FedEx - which one is "major" and which is "minor?"
Why does FEDEX appear on the 'Major" board? I've never figured that one.
Then why do LOW COST CARRIERS end up on the MAJORS board? Geez, who knows!? Try asking the flightinfo folks who created and sort the boards......

Hey "crashpad", while you're at it, ask them to start up a LCC board so you can bash FedEx and the Majors - like Delta and TWA - you're so good at it.

AND move FedEx to the cargo board - you're right "crash", we don't fly passengers!!
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A major is an scheduled airline with revenues over 1 billion

FedEx qualifies in the first 2 weeks of the fiscal year and does it 27 more times after that!

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