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Favorite Aircraft

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just a member, not senior
Nov 26, 2001
There have been some interesting threads about who we are, the cars we drive, sunglasses we wear and even what time we get up.

I thought I would start a new one with your favorite aircraft flown or seen. I think there should be some good talk about experiences with this issue.

Since I only fly 180 hp wonders, I don't have any favorites that I have flown, but the most incredible aircraft I ever saw was a Waco bi-plane with a jet engine mounted on the bottom. If you have seen this aricarft in an airshow you know what I'm talking about. Nothing like seeing a bi-plane, at jet speeds, doing loops and sounding like a jet.
As much as I really love the 'ol Saab 340 with all of it's gadgets and whistles, My true love is the Supercub.
Nothing is more "zen" to me than flying a slightly tattered old cub 50 feet off the ground at 80 MPH with nothing but a sectional chart for navigation. Sure, going fast and high and far has it's merits, But It just doesn't satisfy my passion for flight like low and slow with the door and window open. When I'm flying between mountains by myself in a cub, I am one with the universe. Not to mention the exhiliration that you get from concentrating on the perfect wheel landing. When I'm flying that plane, all of my worldly worries dissolve, and it's just me and the plane.

Sorry to get all transcendental, but I know some of you know what I'm talking about.
The B737-700 is cool, but nothing beats flat-hatten down the beach (at an FAA approved altitude) in the old 1943 Boeing PT-17 Stearman. No checklists, no radios, just the sound of a radial and the wind in the wires.:D
My favorite, out of the models I have flown is the Lear 60. Lots of power and small/responsive enough to feel like a sports car instead of a truck (the MD80)

The airplane that I wish I had, would be a homebuilt Steen Skybolt.

My fantasy warbird would be a P47.

My ideal airplane, one: that never goes more than two hours from home, that never overnights, that only flys 15 days a month, that only flys VMC, that uses pilots who get payed $150K a year. What an aircraft that would be. :)

Man what a sweet flying airplane, no bad habits, stays trimmed where you put it. Quiet, fast, and roomy. Baron is more fun to fly on a VFR day but the 400 cessnas are better all around, IMHO.

Lear 23! Never had the privelege to fly it, obviously, but if I did...*drools*

D-17S. Yesterday's luxury is still ahead of today's. Thanks to Bud Fuchs for my .3 dual recieved.
As for nicest flown V tail Bonanza BE-35 smooth as glass. I had my sweetest landings in that a/c and on my commercial DE ride too.

I think the Mitsubishi MU-2 is cool looking.

Add another to the P-51 pile, talk about a piece of history.

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