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Fastest single pilot airplane from point A to B

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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
I'm planning on winning powerball on wednesday (I bought FIVE tickets!!), and got to thinking. What is the best airplane you could buy to get you and your family from point A to point B, single pilot. Money no issue (obviously). Thoughts?
I believe the Beechcraft Premier is the fastest single-pilot bizjet at mach 0.80
  1. CJ3, if you want maximum altitude, speed and climb rate.
  2. Piaggio Avanti, if you want quiet and room.
  3. Pilatus PC-12, if you need to carry a couple of motorcycles along.
It is like anything else - "it all depends". You pay your money and make your choices.

Good luck with that Powerball thing! ;)
Ackattacker is right, if you're stictly talking "the fastest", but you specified "best". That depends on your needs and desires, but the Premier has a number of issues and I hear it is a little short on range if you fly it near MMO. Some like it, though.
I'll go with the CJ3.
Well, if money is no object...

Have Rutan design you something!

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