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Faa Lear 35 Fly-by

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just a member, not senior
Nov 26, 2001
Last week a lear 35 did a fly by down the runway, 50ft off the deck at the airport I office at. The runway is 3500 feet, and is a level 1(?) rated airport. (Someone told me the level 1 bit, though I hadn't heard of a rating system for airports.)

It is an uncontrolled field with no ILS. There are buildings within 50 yards or the runway, so I doubt it will ever have ILS.

My first thought when it came screaming by my window was, some bone head mistaked this airport for Alliance which is just down the road. When he got to the end of the runway he pulled nearly straight up, did a 180 and was gone.

Rumor around the hangers is it what some FAA guy. I know that the FAA flies approaches to grade the ILS systems, but why would he buzz a small GA VFR only airport in a Lear?

I know that if it was a non-faa pilot doing that here and that same FAA was on the ground there would be some investigating.

Or, are Lear fly-bys a normal procedure?

Either way, sure looked like a fun ride.

See, now, if it was you or me, and they were on the ground.....good ol' operating in a 'careless or reckless' behavior. But they wouldn't catch us :)
Half the time I see cops on the road, they are speeding, and otherwise not driving like the rest of us. Same deal here, most likely... If you've got the power, it occassionally gets abused simply by human nature.
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No, but close...NW regional (52F).

Interesting enough, Looks like there is an acro box approved here today. A Yak and another acro plane just spent 20 min doing inside maneuvers.

Maybe the FAA fly by was to help approve the box for today. Don't know the details of getting a box approved, so just speculation.

Would love to learn acrobatics some day....has to be a blast.
I may be mistaken, but I don't believe the FAA utilizes any Lear 35's. Several 55's are in use, but it's hard to mistake a 55 for a 35.
Could have been. I also thought the FAA used King Airs for shooting approaches, but again, just the rumor mill around the hanger.

It was probably Ross Perot. :)
Hey Orville,

Do you actually know why the cops are speeding? Just maybe they are going to a call. I am a reserve deputy in my county. They don't always run lights and sirens around here because they are only allowed to in certain cases. If it's not an emergency they aren't allowed. But on the other hand they do and try to get there as fast as possible. I know I have a lot more respect for the law enforcement and why it may take 2 or 3 hours to get to a call. That maybe you think is important but it's not as important as the guy shooting someone arcoss town. So ease up the next time you see smokey flying by you. Don't say there goes another cop speeding cause he can. They may just be on the way to your house because someone vandalized it and your weren't home but your neighbor called them. That wouldn't be a case for lights and sirens around here anyway. Ignorance can be a handicap sometimes. And comments like your demonstrates ignorance.

What you say is probably true but I personally know a deputy sheriff that drives about 85 mph because he can. I asked him about it once. His response? "I've got a badge and a gun. Who's gonna give me a ticket?" Hopefully he's an exception to the rule.
Hey Dep-

I understand your position, and I am not out to cop bash. Sorry, I didn't mean to come off the wrong way. But it is true about human nature. I have a fews friends in the business and just hanging around them I see what goes on sometimes. There may be a different mindset overall among cops in different parts of the country- Especially in Los Angeles where I live. I wouldn't want your job, but I respect your job. I hope this doesn't side trac the original post now.

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