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ExpressJet Upgrades

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Active member
Jul 17, 2005
I saw that the most junior captain at XJT was Feb 2004. Anyone have any idea how long the upgrade is now? How about for a guy that starts in January 06? Also, how long would reserve be and what is the most junior base?
its true some people upgraded in a year and a half. Expect the upgrade to be longer now. Reserve veries depending on base. Good company even if you dont upgrade that fast.
Time to upgrade will continue to climb after this last system bid. Why? We are not taking any more deliveries of aircraft. No fleet growth equals fewer upgrades. This also equates to less hiring. Now all we are keeping up with is people who leave for other jobs.

Reserve is a strange animal and predicting how long you will be on reserve depends on two things. 1: What kind of movement we have. 2: Time of year you get hired.

If you get hired in late winter when the lines are at there least and then move up the list by summer time you will senior enough to hold a line.

On the flip side get hired on during the summer when the lines are at there peek you move up the seniority list all summer long and then you find about the time you hold a line they start reducing the number of lines for the winter schedule......

I was hired during the fall I sat reserve less then some and more then others. At the time we had great movement so it equated to about 4-5 months. Some only had 2-3 months; others I know have been on reserve for 9+.

Best of Luck
Upgrade for someone getting hired in '06 would probably be about 5 years unless we order more aircraft (unlikely) or get another flow through (even more unlikely).

You'd probably be on reserve for a year if you are hired in the next few months. We have FO's now that have been on reserve for 8 months, mostly in IAH. EWR and CLE pilots generally hold lines in about half the time of IAH pilots. Rank of bases in order of overall FO seniority from junior to senior: CLE, EWR, IAH.

I've been here about 14 months and am about 1900 out of 2600 on the overall seniority list. I'm guessing at least 2 more years before I could upgrade, although many things could change between now and then.
Are a lot of pilots from Express still going to CAL with all the hiring that they're still going through? I'm sure all the those who were on the preferential lists have had their chance to decide if they wanted to leave or not, but does CAL prefer Express pilots over other applicants or are they weighed/viewed equal to everyone else?
I don't know, but my buddy that just got hired there says he thinks it's going to be at least 4-5 years before he sees the left seat. Of course, that could change if XJET were able to pick up more flying, which they will be free to try and do next year, but they're not going to be able to undercut bottom-feeders like Mesa and CHQ. I see management asking for concessions for growth sometime mid to late next year. Other than that, XJET is looking to become the next Eagle.
I think 007 was laughing because, without fail, in every new hire class, on about day one or two, there's always one who starts asking, "how long until I can upgrade?" I mean, there's no guarentee that you're even going to be an FO just because you're sitting in class (we had a few fail out). It reminds us of a certain "Tommy Boy" scene . . . . but thanks, I had a good laugh, too. :)
I heard it was 6 months and you will get to go right into the EMB-190's that we will be flying for Cal, I mean, United, or was it Delta? Damn can't really remember.

Xjet is a great airline but you will be sitting reserve for quite a while and who the heck knows about upgrade times. It will be a long time....

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